how to remove tapes listed in the BRMS media invenory on iSeries, which dose not belong to this box?

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IBM iSeries
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On our HABOX (AS400 partition with BRMS), we have few volumes (media tapes) that do not belong to this partition. I need to delete/remove them from the HABOX, while maintaining them from the LIVEBOX where they are used and needed. I tried all the basic processes like expiration, changing locations and deletion, but none worked. Can you show us how to delete/remove them form the HABOX? many thanks MAXi

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Need more information..

I’m guessing from your post that you have two partitions on the same physical system. And you have BRMS running where?

When you try to delete you should be using command WRKMEDBRM (or GO BRMMED and use option #2). Are you getting some error when you try to delete?

If you “display” using option #5 in WRKMEDBRM what do you see for the “system” on the volumes you are trying to delete – and what about the other volumes?

If you have BRMS handling both partitions and you really want to “allocate” certain volumes you might be able to specify the system for the tape. I think you also could (1) create a new media class of the same density for yout tapes (Go BRMMED, option #1) and (2) assign volumes to that class. (3) copy the media policy you use for the partition and change the copy to use the new media class. (4) change the backup control group you use for that partition to use the new media policy.

Last question, if you are using a media library and barcoded tapes (you didn’t say what you had), do you care about what volumes are being used for what? BRMS will use the scratch tapes as needed and should report to you what was used.


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  • MAXi
    Hi Mike Many thanks for your reply Mike, and I may not explain well. We have 2 physical systems, LIVEBOX, and DRBOX. The DRBOX has a partition called HABOX. The HABOX has media belong to the LIVEBOX, and needs to be REMOVED from the HABOX. They all use the BRMS and the systems are not BRMS networked. The media is ULTRIMU2 tapes with barcode and use a tap library (as external backup tap drive). The media to be removed have system attribute of <APP.LIVEBOX>. When working with WRKMEDBRM, taking option 2(change), option 7(expire) then option 4 (remove) would not work, or change the system name from <APP.LIVEBOX> to <APP.HABOX> dose not work either. I need to remove the LIVEBOX media from the HABOX while not affecting the details of the media on the LIVEBOX. I have looked into the command INZBRM, but not yet sure how to use this if it can solve it. Many thanks MAXi
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