How to redirect the start menu using Windows Server 2008 R2 & Windows 7

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I have previously used Windows Server 2003 to setup folder redirection of the Start Menu in a Group Policy (User configuration, Folder redirection, Start Menu - C:START Menu). I then copied all of the links to the programs that I wanted the user to see to the customized Start Menu for when they logged on and this worked great (all shortcuts to run programs were copied to C:start menu directory on the local machine running XP Professional). I am trying to do the same thing using Server 2008 R2 and Windows 7 Professional. The Start Menu gets redirected and the customized menu is copied, however when I click the START button and choose all programs, no programs appear in the list. However, when I click the START button and right click ALL PROGRAMS and choose OPEN, it shows C:start menu (which is my redirected START MENU) and all the programs that I customized appear in the list. Any thoughts on why the programs do not appear in Windows 7 when you click START and ALL PROGRAMS? Thanks for your help.

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Many causes are creating problems…..
Redirection, Start Menu and one Desktop to Windows Server 2008 file server with Access-based enumeration installed and configured. On Share u would set read and execute rights and permissions for users and Full Control rights to administrators, then create groups in Active Directory with meaningful names for Applications or groups that u need more granular control over. Assigning these groups Read and Execute rights on the specific folders and shortcuts, while removing all other users will make sure the shortcuts and folders only appear for members of the Application groups in Active Directory.
OR you may do like that, Local Computer Policy\User Configuration\Administrative Templates\Start Menu & Taskbar\Remove common program groups from Start Menu….
This can be set by GPO also by, User Configuration-> Windows Settings -> Folder Redirections. When configure via GPO, take care of permissions and its look like….
Share Permissions:
Everyone – Full Control
Administrators – Full Control
System – Full Control
NTFS Permissions:
Everyone – Create Folder/Append Data (if u have)
Everyone – List Folder/Read Data (if u have)
Everyone – Read Attributes (if u have)
Everyone – Traverse Folder/Execute File (if u have)
CREATOR OWNER – Full Control
System – Full Control
Domain Admins – Full Control
And for Windows 7….
Make sure Force classic Start Menu, Remove All Programs list from the Start menu and Remove common program groups from Start Menu are all set to disable.
NOTE: If you are using mandatory profiles and desktop redirection together, they don’t work well together, make sure to turn off one of them.
One more thing you should take care, somewhere need indexing turned on with server 2008 to have the folder redirecting, this is assuming that making the Windows 7 documents library redirect to a network folder for storage.

Hope it may help you…. if not get back here!

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