How to prevent viruses without an anti-virus?

Intrusion management
Anti-virus does not always detect a virus especially the newer ones. Mostly Anti-Viruses bypass only this files. If something other than disabling the autoplay option might help, like preventing the injecting of files or restricting file insertion in the windows system folders and restricting installation for all types of executables, like .bat / .com / .exe and .cmd.

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Keeping the OS and applications patched is one step that must be taken. A good firewall with application fingerprinting is another. As you say, application restrictions is another. If you think that just because new viruses are not detected is not a reason to have anti-virus, then I want to caution you that there is still a lot of damage being done by old viruses. They are still out there in the wild and you are likely going to come across an old infected file at some point. That file would create problems that could have been prevented by using anti-virus software with signatures for those old viruses. There’s still lots of Code-Red & Nimda out there. Don’t be fooled that just because a virus has not been modified or updated that it is still not dangerous to data and systems.

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  • ChoosenKing
    I think some answers might be just inside the system. Group Policy Editor can do a lot of help because it holds almost all restrictions. But just a little bit difficult to find the settings needed.
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  • Dwiebesick
    ChoosenKing You did not really explain your enviroment. So, without this knowledge, there are several things you can do. For a school enviroment, you can use Deep Freeze; HDD Sheriff Card Microsoft's Windows SteadState dmw
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  • Scribble
    Never want to get a virus simple dont turn your computer on. Anti virus programs will never detect every virus out there that amount of encoding is impossibe but it is always a good idea to have some sort of protection than nothing at all. Like having a alarm system installed in your car it is not garanteed to stop every thief out there but it will prevent most of them from stealing your car.
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