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When we are taking backup using BRMS, I want to omit some of the libraries when we are taking backup for *ALLUSR libraries. Please provide the solution. Thanks in advance.

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The SAVLIBBRM command just piggy backs off the OS SAVLIB command so you can expect to have similiar parms.
Prompt the SAVLIBBRM cmd, press F9 for all parms, scroll down twice and you will see the Libraries to omit OMITLIB parm. Enter your values here.

I assume you are using BRMS control groups to do your Backup. You can exclude libraries from *ALLUSR doing the following: WRKPCYBRM *BKU. This will display a littel menu where option 2. Work with items to omit from backup is the thing you wan tto look into.

You can exclude libraries from *ALLUSR, *ALLPROD and so on (check help text).

You can run your BRMS control groups (STRBKUBRM) with processing these omits, or without. (PROCES parameter on command).


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  • OldSysAdmin
    Use Ops Nav (i Series Navigator), Backup recovery media services, Backup policies, select your policy then select Backup activities, during.
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  • qmaster
    What change that we need to do for ignoring active objects,files erc while backup is going on in BRMS enironment?
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  • madhu90
    How to check what are the contents of *ALLUSR item in BRMS?
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  • pdraebel
    *ALLUSR includes all Libraries except those libraries whose name start with Q*. So if you have librries starting with the letter Q that are not IBM supplied you need to make a separate entry in the BRMS control group for them. The BRMS BKU policy also allows to exclude certain libraries from the *ALLUSR backup. Allways remember to check how the control group is started : with or without processing the OMITS.
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  • joeywatson
    • In the Opt field, type a 1 (Add) to add the item to a list of items to omit.
    • In the Type field, specify the type of backup you want to perform, which in this case will be *ALLUSR.
    • In the Backup item field, type the name of the item you want to omit, which in this case is a TEMP library.
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