How to monitor and manage LAN gateway from a Helius router?

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Hi everyone, I am trying to filter/manage a gateway through a Helius router for directway. We are running Windows 2000 Server with all XP clients, around 50 of them. We have active directory running with the domain controller handing out DNS and DHCP to clients. All clients are pointing to the Helius router for their gateway through DHCP. I have asked Helius themselves if they had such a product to filter/manage the gateway on their routers, to which they answered that they did not. I know that the router software is a version of caldera, 3.1 I think. My question is that does anybody know of software or another way to filter this gateway/certain attachments/limit downloads from internal IP's etc. Thanks in advance. Kimberley

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I am not familiar with the Helius Router, but a quick search indicates it is a directway broadcaster. A one to many stream feed.

In any case if you want a content manager/blocker and have a choke point (i.e. one point of access to the internet) and this router appears to be it. Setup a doublehomed Linux box betwen the internet and router. Run any of the several good filters available from open source. IPCop as an example.

Or buy a small appliance which comes setup and does the same thing and usually with the same software.

Point being – if you don’t know for absolutely certain the internals (hardware and software) of yout router and the company does not have or plan to have the functions you want. Any attemp to modify the current operation can leave you with an expensive lump and NO warranty.

How much downtime can your company afford if an attempted mod to the router shuts you down.

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    I would not use a router to do this. I would agree with the previous reply. I would expect to have all of the following in between my users and the Internet; router, firewall, virus protection, IDS, IPS, and blocking software. In my case, our virus protection and blocking software get nightly updates. Peace
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