How to match CSV field values in SQL Server 2005

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SQL Server 2005
i have an table in sql-server 2005, in which my one field is storing csv values.Suppose i have two tables; one is roles and another is users; and multiple role can be assign to one user. so that i have make a fields i.e roles in user table which is keeping the values in csv format. now my problem is :::

i am displaying roles listing and their is checkbox in first field of that listing like in yahoo.. means i can select multiple item at one time for any action;

at bottom i have three options i.e activate/deactivate/delete.

now i am sending a csv which contains ids and want to performs an action i.e activate/deactivate/delete.

but i want to check if any of role is associated with any user then it should give me a message. so how i will check csv values with csv which is already stored in user table with roles csv field.???

thanks, sanjeev

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First of all, I would recommend not to use that csv field, but create a new table to store user-role relations.

But if you are going to keep your current design, you will probably need to use a function to check the csv values. Here’s an example, but I’m not sure what exactly you want to check, so, you might need to make some changes. This function returns 1 if the value sent in @p_value exists in the csv list sent in @p_csv.

At least this should give you an idea.

CREATE FUNCTION YourCheckFunction (@p_csv varchar(100),@p_value varchar(10))
DECLARE @pos integer = 1
SET @pos = CHARINDEX(','+@p_value+',',@p_csv,1)
IF @pos <= 0
SET @pos = CHARINDEX(@p_value+',',@p_csv,1)
IF @pos <> 1
SET @pos = CHARINDEX(','+@p_value,@p_csv,1)
IF @pos + LEN(@p_value) <> LEN(@p_csv)


Carlos is correct, you need to redesign your table. Storing values in a CSV string like this is very poor database design and should be corrected.

You should create a table called UserRole which has two columns UserId and RoleId. For each role that the user has you have one row in this table.

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