how to list forms and their base tables

Forms 6i
Oracle 10g
oracle 10g, forms 6i. v have 500 forms & 3000 tables. v find it hard to find which tables getting data from which tables. How to take a list of forms and their corresponding base tables. v don't want to check each form with form builder.

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I don’t know of a way to do what you need, and honestly, I don’t think that is possible with Forms 6i (I really hope to be wrong).
Some time ago, due to some problems we had with a form, we ended opening it with a text editor like Notepad, and among other things we saw something that seemed to be a pattern, and was that each table that was used by the form, appeared 3 consecutive times (separated just by blank spaces), but that was true only on forms in which the block name had the same name as the data source (the table), and in our case this was true only on forms built by the wizard.

Regards, and good luck.

– Carlosdl

I have had a need to do something like this and I used the DOS FIND command. If you are not on machine with DOS or MS Windows then this won’t help you.

It is not elegant and it still takes some time but I create a batch file (…bat) to search. The following is an example of my search. Each command is like this:
FIND /C “table_name_or_synonym_name” C:\working\*.fmb > findlist.txt

This writes out a file with a count of the number of “hits” form file (.fmb).
(/C tells it to count the occurances of the text string entered. If you want to find out all of the
possible paramters, open a DOS shell and type in HELP FIND.)

To create my batch file, I get a list of tables by doing a select in SQL*Plus on the all_tables view or all_synonyms view. I the results and paste into a spreadsheet or text document. Then I add the other parts of the command line.
Example bat file
FIND /C “ACE_EMPLOYEE_PROFILES” D:\working\*.fmb > emppro_cnt.txt
FIND /C “ACE_DEPARTMENTS” D:\working\*.fmb > dept_cnt.txt

Save to the directory where I want the results written, i.e. D:\WORKING\CNT_TABLES.BAT (If you are not familiar with DOS, it must have bat as the extension.)

enter CNT_TABLES at the DOS prompt and press enter.

Results in emppro_cnt.txt file will look something like the following:

Hope that helps.

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