How to link program to function module calling user exit

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Need to override fund area and cost center for specific wage type/s. Research indicated need to create project and user exit ZXPAPU01, which is called from function module EXIT_RPCIPE00_001, a component of SAP Enhancement PCPO0001. After creation of project Z_PCPO, using CMOD, I added code to user exit but this only exports the Changed Symbolic Acct (HRPP_ITEM-KOMOK). Also, I noted that the function module EXIT_RPCIPE00_001 is not found in selected search area. (in other words I cannot find where the program feeding the import parameters is linked). In an effort to further explain this problem....... When using a different user exit for infotypes (ZXPADU01) which is called from function module EXIT_SAPFP50M_001, I can click on the function module and the source code displays. I can then double click on the name FUNCTION to search - where the search brings up the program FP50ME00 which is linked to the SAP enhancement and feeds the import parameters. I was able to easily get that user exit - which works with infotypes, to work as desired. But now I need to build an override for fund and cost center for two specific wage types. Google shows the need to use enhancement PCPO0001. When checking the knowledge base, I'm told to reference PCPO0002 for two of the function modules - though I cannot find where PCPO0002 exists. How can I override a specific wage type and which of the enhancement names should I work with? PCPO0001, is active but I cannot get it to work or show a link. I NEED HELP!!! Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong? Thanks, Carmen

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Hi Carmen

You need to look at Trxn PC00_M99_CIPE (or something like *.CIPE) with pgm RPCIPE00 that is used for posting pay results to FI/CO (not The transaction PCP0 linked to program SAPMPCP0 is to edit the posting runs).

The posting pgm has Exit 001 goes to function module EXIT_RPCIPE00_001, to get modified KOMOK(Symbolic Account) and MOMAG (EE Grouping for Account Determination).

Exit 002 EXIT_RPCIPE00_002 in the posting pgm is to obtain modified ZUONR (Assignment number).
It also has an exit 003 to import other pay results.

I believe the exit 002 may be able to do what you need. However you should note that the C0 or C1 assignment number with the details (like CC, fund) should have been created during the payroll through the payroll schema/rules based on wage type and any other specific needs. You may also need to add an entry to C1 table through a custom operation. The person’s RT entry for the wage type is to be altered with c1znr equal to this assignment number. You can look at the C1 table for an emp in the RT, you can see the different fields for each assignment number and the RT will have the C1ZNR for the related wage type.

The normal costing would come through the person’s cost CC in InfoType 27 or in the person’s position’s cost distribution details. The person’s IT 27 would over-ride the position’s details.

Hope this helps. Good luck!


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