How to know if someone is hacked or if it’s their own activity?

We know someone in leadership who seems to be looking at inappropriate things on Instagram. Before we report it, we need to make sure that he's not being hacked. He posts pictures at the same time he likes inappropriate pictures and he likes pictures of people he knows at the same time as liking pictures of random inappropriate people. So is it possible for a computer to monitor when he's using instagram and like abnormal things to make it seem like it's him?

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More details are need on the network and devices being used. You can probably trace network activity and put it against a time line to see if it’s done during work from his device  If the device is company property you may have a case. Also if it’s being done using the company network. If it’s being done from another location outside of the company network and equipment it may be much harder to prove.. It may be possible that someone has his login credentials to Instagram and is abusing them for this purpose. Without access to the device, which may cause them to become suspicious, you may be in a tight spot. 

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  • TheRealRaven
    There are ways to know if activity is manual or through programming, but it's not possible to give instructions to know the differences. It can take weeks for an IT professional to learn enough and months or even years for others. Simply asking such a question as yours gives the hint that instructing would start with related basics.

    Standard malware scans would be your starting point. After that, have an appropriately qualified technician or professional examine the device. Also, provide a second device temporarily for the user to see if the pattern changes.
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  • Subhendu Sen
    Who is he? Whom account did you want to monitor? How did you know that the person does all these wrong doings? Are you a follower of him? There are several tools that can help to monitor other activities including own. But as this is related to security, please provide more details.
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  • Kevin Beaver
    It sounds like you could go either way: nefarious behavior or malware/hacking. Perhaps a little bit of both? the only way to know for sure is to install employee monitoring software such as that offered by Veriato ( That will allow you to track and monitor exactly what's happening on the computer at any given time. Definitely get someone in management on your side to authorize this. This is an HR issue – not an IT issue.
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