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Can anyone please explain in easy to understand english how I can install win98se, from a Win98se installation cd(not virtual) and a win98se boot floppy? I have fdisked the virtual drive (c:) and formatted it. I now get an error "cannot create a temporary directory. If you have HPFS or NTFS installed on your hard drive you will need to create an MS-DOS boot partition to setup windows." My system is running Win XP Pro and the hard drive is NTFS. There is no reference to such errors in any of the help documentation associated with virtual pc. In fact the help is fair;y useless!

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Hi Wensleydale

Firstly you do not need to fdisk or format a virtual drive. When you go through the creation of a virtual drive you must tell it that it has to be used for Win98. After you have create the virtual drive in Virtual PC then start it up, just after you have done that then you need to capture either your CD ROM drive (which should have the WIN98 CD in it) or if you have created and ISO file of the WIN98 CD you can use that. This should allow you to install the OS.

If you have any questions then please reply to this


Right I have now figured it out, I have not done this in a long time

Firstly you will need a Win98 bootable floppy disk with FDisk, Format and CD ROM support on it. this can be found

You will need to download the Win98 SE OEM. This will have the necessary files. When you run this program it will format the floppy disk and put the correct files on.

Create the Virtual HDD, make sure that it is bigger than 205MB, I used 300MB and that worked.
Start the Virtual Machine, Capture the floppy drive, you will not need to select CD ROM support the first time that you boot as you will be using FDisk to create the primary partition.
Once you have created the primary partition you will have to reboot.
After rebooting format the C drive, then change to the CD ROM and run setup.

I hope that that is a better answer

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  • Wensleydale
    Followed instructions as in previous comment but still cannot install win98 on virtual pc. I get an error telling me that I need to FDISK the drive which is what I did do previously. Surely it cannot be that difficult to get win 98 onto a virtual drive? Can someone please give step by step instructions as to how to complete this process? Seeing that Microsoft don't provide any. The main problem would seem to be that the win98 cd is not bootable and needs a boot floppy. Virtual PC 2007 then runs the floppy from the physical A drive. I cannot get any further.
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  • Antic
    Follow the link below for your virutal win98 drive
    Here you will find a line " Windows 98 ready VMC and VFD" (of course without quote). Follow the link to get the file. Here you will get an instruction .doc file which you should download too. Hoping well
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  • Antic
    This is the exact link for the file
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