How to implement Sleep logic not using sleep() need customized

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Hi Experts, I need to implement a sleep logic in a loop i need to check for SELECT/INSERT stm if it s locked by other user i will go to sleep mode then back to earlier savepoint position eg savepoint x; INSERT/SELECT i need to check for 10 times each time sleep is for 1 sec i applied counter i tried the logic WHILE g_savepoint_loop <= 3 LOOP g_sleep := '1' ; g_sleep := g_sleep_in_sec + 1 ; END LOOP; ROLLBACK TO x ; By query here is how to declare g_sleep to 1 sec(datatype ??) ,my logic says wrong type please guide me

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In your example, you have a statement assigning a character value to what should be a number:

g_sleep := ‘1’ ; — this assigns g_sleep a string value ‘1’, instead of a number value

This may be the error, or if you declared the variable g_sleep as a character/varchar type, then the next statement would fail:

g_sleep := g_sleep_in_sec + 1 ;
This statement has a couple of weird things… In your loop, it is going to take the “g_sleep_in_sec” value (whatever that happens to be), add 1 to it, and assign it to g_sleep. If g_sleep_in_sec is less than 2, the loop will never terminate.

In Oracle, just use the DBMS_LOCK package Sleep procedure:

seconds IN NUMBER);

You can sleep almost any amount of time – you can even use fractional values to sleep for time periods less than a second.

DBMS_LOCK.SLEEP(1); — sleep for one second
DBMS_LOCK.SLEEP(60); — sleep for one minute
DBMS_LOCK.SLEEP(0.05); — sleep for 50 milliseconds
DBMS_LOCK.SLEEP(0.001); — sleep for 1 millisecond

So, to test and sleep,

g_sleep_ctr number;
gc_sleep_time number;

g_sleep_ctr := 3;
g_sleep_time := 1.0;

while g_sleep_ctr > 0 — I strongly prefer counting down to zero
— so loops always terminate when the loop variable is 0 or less
— try your select/insert transaction here
if <ok> then
g_sleep_ctr := 0; — terminate loop
g_sleep_ctr := g_sleep_ctr – 1;
end if;
end loop;

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