How to implement fault tolerance on email system and delivery?

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I would like to implement some fault tolerance in to an #email system we host for one of our clients, but I am struggling to find any suppliers online which will do what I need.

Currently the client has a number of remote users using POP mailboxes that are hosted by a well know hosting provider. We are happy with this situation as we don't really want to manage their mailserver and all the possible pitfalls and headaches that come with that.

However, every now and again, this provider will have problems that fall into the three following basic categories: 1. Users unable to log in to mailboxes, but mail delivery to the mailboxes is fine 2. Users able to log in to mailboxes, mail delivery to the email server itself is OK, but mail delivery to some mailboxes fails because of mailbox errors like "mailbox unavailable" "address not found" etc etc. - Both of the above!

My basic ideas to resolve this are one of the following: - route mail through a reliable service which will BCC a copy of all mails coming through to another address hosted on another server (giving us an archive we can access regardless of the performance of the main email hosts) - route mail through a reliable service which can effectively act as a backup mail service with all pop accounts accessable and will temporarily store emails in it's backup store as well as delivering to the primary service

I am struggling to find any providers that can provide specifically these services. There are plenty who can provide backup email services, as a secondary server (managed through MX records) but the problem with this is that it doesn't help if the mail servers are essentially working, but the mailboxes cannot be logged in to, or, if the mailserver is working, but for some reason, some mailboxes aren't.

If anyone has any suggestions, or can point me in the direction of somewhere to get more info, or to do more research, that would be greatly appreciated!

Just ask if anything above doesn't make sense!




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Ensure that the basic characteristics of fault tolerance requirement:

1. No single point of repair
2. Fault isolation to the failing component
3. Fault containment to prevent propagation of the failure
Availability of reversion modes

In addition, fault tolerant systems are characterized in terms of both planned service outages and unplanned service outages. These are usually measured at the application level and not just at a hardware level.

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  • carlosdl
    Now you have a better picture of what fault tolerance is :-)
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    Yes, indeed. Whilst that's all very nice, I'm not sure how it helps me :)
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