How to implement a database on the users computer?

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Database Development
Suppose I want to develop a database for a client/firm/user or any person. I develop the DB using SQL, now I want to display the end result or the outcome on the clients computer without displaying the coded part, i.e., he/she doesn't need to know about the codes and commands, he just manages db via GUI(clicks radioactive buttons, enter name, save, etc). So my question is how to create a GUI for the customer if I have the database ready? Is VB required for this? I hope I'm able to clarify the question.

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You’ve been pretty generic as to which database platform you are using, so I’ll be pretty generic in my answer.  For most database platforms you will need to build the front end separately from the database backend.  There are a wide variety of language choices you can select from including VB, C#, Java, Oracle Forms (if you are using Oracle), Python, C++, C+, etc.

If you already know a programming language then stick with that one.

It doesn’t really matter which language that you use to build the application, they can pretty much all talk to any kind of database.

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  • TomLiotta
    What DBMS is used? What platform will host the database? -- Tom
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  • Subhendu Sen
    From ur Q, it is not revealed that actually what do u want !! I read ur Q and it make sense that, u r confusing somehow..... From ur q, as per my opinion, may be u r a good DB administrator / handle database very well. But software development is different and u have to knowledge about SW languages, like VB/Java/C++ which r the main leader in software industry, others r also there. VB/Java is of course require for development of a GUI based package, where a user enters by user/pass and after that, some screens will appear with different menus, like Add / Modify/ Delete/ Clear and so on related his/her work criteria. If u r not interested this kind of Languages then u may till develop a GUI featured software package by using Oracle Form Builder. By using Oracle form builder u may create any type of data entry screen that will use for any purpose. And for Reports generating (this is an obvious part of SW Development), u can install Oracle Reports Builder by using software Oracle developer. Before using these u have to aware of Licensing issues, only Java is free.
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  • jailall101
    It depends on what type of application you want to use it for. If it is a desktop app then you can use java. If it is a website app that you want then you can use php. 
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