How to Identify a JPEG and JPG file.

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JPG file
How can I convert a JPEG file to a JPG extension file? I am informed although they are the same, it's not a 100% same. How can I change one to another?

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“JPEG” refers specifically to the format of the file content. “.JPG” merely refers to the extension portion of a file’s name.
A file’s name has no necessary relationship to the file’s content (though Windows commonly uses extensions to choose programs to open files, and this leads to many confusions). You can have text files with .JPG extensions and JPEG files with .TXT files if you want to. Windows may be confused by such names, but other OSs (e.g., Linux) generally work more on actual content and don’t care much about extensions.
Most likely, if it’s a JPEG file, just rename it to end with “.JPG”. And if that fails, either the file isn’t really a JPEG file or the application that reads the file is at fault.
To determine if the file actually is a “JPEG” file (no matter what extension it has), you might simply open it with a text editor such as Notepad. Most often, there will be “JFIF” in positions 7-10 at the start of the file. If it’s “JFIF” it should truly be a “JPEG” file. Many digital cameras might actually create “Efif” (Exchangeable image file format) files even when you think they’re “JPEG” files.

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  • ToddN2000
    They both function the same. Why the change in in file extension?
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  • rmusindi
    I was trying to upload jpeg images on an online application form but couldn't. The error I receive was to use jpg.The creators of this form are insisting that a 4 letter extension can't work. I am in a dilemma as I have tried changing jpeg to jpg which is not working!   
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  • ToddN2000
    It sounds like the designer of the form only allows .JPG formats.
    I use a program Photofiltre. It's free and has nice editing and a batch file conversion. It lets you select a bunch of image in a folder, select their format then run the conversion to another format, different extension and you can even change the quality.
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  • 8586virat
    There are various online tools to convert jpeg to jpg.
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  • Subhendu Sen
    @anilkumar, what software/OS are you using now? Is it an online form fill up web site/are you involved in a project where for verification that uploaded is necessary. Please back with more details.
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