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I have a mixed DSPF (a combination of RECORD & SFL) Diagram is like: ------------------------------- Customer screen--------------------- from date :____                                                Print: _(Y/N) to date :____ opt             description ... _         ___________ _         ___________ _         ___________                                                                             bottom ------------------------------------------------------------------------ My question is : I want that on tabbing,cursor should go from 'from date -> to date -> Opt(in subfile)till 3rd record and at end it will go to 'print' field. Currently,the cursor is not going to Opt field in SFL from 'To date'. but going to the "print field' ...pls help.

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You need to use the FLDCSRPRG :

OK, so in SDA place * against the “from date” field and take the “General Keywords” option.
Against FLDCSRPRG enter the field you want the cursor to go to after this field. In this case the “to date” field.
You can do this against all fields.


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  • TomLiotta
    I doubt if FLDCSRPRG is going to help. The control record fields and the subfile fields are in different record formats. FLDCSRPRG must specify a field in the same record as the keyword. Besides, FLDCSRPRG can't be used in a subfile. If FLDCSRPRG worked from the control record to jump into the first subfile row, how would FLDCSRPRG be specified for the subfile row? Would it point to the next subfile row? Or would it point back to a control record field? Tom
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  • Supriyoas400
    I agree with you Tom,as i have 2 different record formats here FLDCSRPRG will not work. But i am not finding any way out.
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  • Splat
    Have you considered a separate display format containing the Print: _ (Y/N) and displaying beneath the subfile?
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  • philpl1jb
    Or Protect the Print (Y/N) entry field with DSPATR(PR) After the user indicates advance (Function Key / Enter) Protect the other fields and unprotect the Print(Y/N) field or Put the Print(Y/N) in the footer record .. when processing returns read the footer record to get that value.
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  • TomLiotta
    I probably wouldn't have a 'Print' field at all. I'd probably do something like 'F6=Print'. Tom
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