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I am an electronis engineer, with 14 months of experience from overseas, but now I am working in another field completely different to the mentioned before. I am moving to Colorado in 4 months, and I want to go back to the IT or telecommunications Industry.  
What type of knowledge do you recommend me to get in order to get a job or what type of jobs should I apply for in order to start my carrer there?. 
My backgorund is pretty much in commerical aspects, but I want to head into the mix of technical with commercial.  
Thanks for your help. 

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It really depends on what you want to get into in the realm of technological. It’s such a vague term that it’s hard to offer advice. What passions and interests do you have when it comes to IT?

The quickest and best thing I can think of off the top of my head would be to search job sites (such as Craigslist and for where you’re moving to, and see what’s going on. See what’s in demand there, and if your passion and goals even fit that. If not, consider compromising.


I would also start checking Monster, some other job sites, & possibly some of the premium sites (pay). See what the companies in your field require in terms of background paperwork / H1B, etc & have those in order.

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  • Subhendu Sen
    U may go for SAP-FICO !
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  • CharlieBrowne
    Work with recruiters that specialize in the area were you want to work. Get your resume to them and let them earn their pay. This allows you more time to do the other things you need to do as you prepare to move. Are you limiting yourself to a job on in a certain geographical location? This will reduce your possibilites substantially.
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  • Sixball
    I agree w/ both Ltinto and Charlie: Research the positions you want, see what the requirements / needs for that position are, then formulate your training/ Eductaion to be inline with what you will need...
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  • Dianacata
    I would like to get into the pre-sales area, as it has the mix of both areas (Commercial and technical), however, I am not sure how much competition it has. About moving to a specific area, yes I am moving to Denver Colorado. I am arriving there with the green card already which I believe puts me ahead one step forward. I am more into the wireless and mobile Industries, but I guess that in order to start my career there, I wouldn't mind starting in another area. Cable, for example. Please advice me what, where to look at as the market is now. Much appreciated.
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  • Subhendu Sen
    u may try for Mobile VoIP
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