How to get a fast and reliable Windows 7 installation for new laptop?

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If any1 have any sugestion??I recieve maybe 10 or more new Laptop once every week in our shop, same model..We UNPACK them and had to load them to their Windows (system factory), install individually with normal applications and sell it to our customers, and this really take a lot of time and labour..

Can any1 tel me a fast and effeicant way of loading them all at once by Network or any other way??..


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Take a look at Norton Ghost and Window sysprep.

If you don’t want to reinstall Windows, then you’ll need to go through the Windows part manually. Make a DVD that handles the software installs automatically. Most software packages have a silent install option so you can put all the software on a DVD, and use a batch file which is called by the autorun.ini to run all the installers.. You can also just Creat a system image and install the image onto the machines when they come in.

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  • jinteik
    just do an image to lets say brand A and load it back to brand A when the new stock arrives.
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  • Rakei
    Weve thought of that, but it works best for Windows XP that we ourselves freshly installed(including programs)... but for our new Laptop Laptop that arrives, they have a default System factory(with its own recovery partition), which takes up to more than 20GB storage when creating image using Acronis 2010. They take forever to reimage them back on a diff. laptop *(toshiba,acer.Compaq) We also dont want to interrupt or make changes to its origional partition...thanks jinteik, any other suggestions.... regards..
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  • Spadasoe
    I have to agree with Jinteik. Build a base image and then take the drive, send it to your vendor, and have them create the disk image to load on your hardware. Most OEMs will store and use your image for a small fee if anything at all. That way you get consistent images. As Denny Cherry suggests, Symante solution Suite (Ghost) is also a great tool. Imags can be dropped on hardware in minutes. You again create a base image, then sysprep it and store the sysprep image for imaging. You could also use MDT and create an image set for Windows 7.
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  • saturno
    Hi, Regarding Windows 7 deployment, I tend to disagree a little bit from what was already suggested. Windows 7 have it's own deployment procedures that should be used on top of any other. Try to read and test Windows Automated Installation Kit for Windows 7 here. And Basic Windows Deployment for IT Professionals here. That should bring you some lights. HTH
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  • Rakei
    Thanks Saturno, that'll do the trick.... thnks evry1..
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