How to export Lotus Notes document to OpenOffice Writer document?

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Hi! Idea is very simple, click on Action Button (code must be in LotusScript) when opened LN document, and then by clicking this Action Button all LN document data exports/converts/migrates on OpenOffice Writer document. Can anyone know how to do that? Tnx ;)

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There’s no built-in option to export to this format. You would need to find an OpenOffice API that you can call from LotusScript or Java, and make calls to that to build your document. I don’t know whether such an API exists. You can export to some other format and open it using OpenOffice, however. Note that the export functions are not available from LotusScript — @Command([FileExport]; …) is what you need. I don’t know why you are insisting that the action button must be LotusScript, but you can create actions that use a mix of languages by, for instance, calling a LS agent, then a macro agent, then a LS agent.

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    There is an API to OpenOffice document. You'll find in the downloadable database that goes with this article the basis of the API:,openoffice To create a nice looking write document with the content of Notes document I would create a writer model document including fields label, titles and so on. At the places where the Notes data must be output, create bookmarks, and gave the same name than the sourceNotes item. Then use a function looking like this one to trigger the substitution: Function setBookmarkValues(doc As NotesDocument) As Integer Dim vRange As Variant, vBookmark As Variant , vCursor As Variant, vText As Variant Dim sFldName As String, sBkName As String Dim sVal As Variant Dim ix As Integer For ix = 0 To vBookmarks.count - 1 Set vBookmark = vBookmarks.getByIndex(ix) sBkName = If Not Iselement(sUsedFields(sBkName)) Then ' si présence _ dans signet, éliminer partie droite à partir de _ If Instr(sBkName, "_") > 0 Then sFldName = Left$(sBkName, Instr(sBkName, "_") -1) Else sFldName = sBkName End If If doc.hasItem(sFldName) Then Set vText = vBookmark.Anchor.Text Set vCursor = vText .createTextCursorByRange(vBookmark.Anchor) sVal = doc.getItemValue(sFldName)(0) If sVal <> "" Then vCursor.String = sVal sUsedFields(sBkName) = True End If End If End If Next setBookmarkValues = vBookmarks.count End Function of cource there are many variables and initialisation code to have this code runs, but there is no enough place here to give enough details. Hope this will help you.
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