How to divide a T1 line?

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How can I divide a T1 line between about 20 clients; ensuring that they each get the same amount of bandwidth? The T1 connects to a Linksys router (WRT160NL) which is connected to a wireless Linksys router (WRT160N). I want to use two or three of these wireless routers; which they would be in different locations each supporting 6 to 10 laptops.

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linksys WRT160NL and WRT160N

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No, there isn’t a way to do this unless you have a router which supports Quality of Service. You wouldn’t want to carve a T1 up to support 20 users unless all 20 users are using the T1 at the same time. A T1 is 1.5 Mbit / sec. Cut up into 20 parts that is about 76.8kbit / sec, or just faster than dial up.

Let the users get all the bandwidth which they can get when they can get when they need it.

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  • Kavoos
    Thank you Mrdenny. 1. what router should i use that supports "quality of Service"? 2. how would i let the users get whatever BW they need when they need it; configurations?
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  • Labnuke99
    I agree. You should permit users to grab what bandwidth they need (this happens dynamically using TCP/IP) and monitor the link for appropriate usage. I would recommend using something like Websense or 8e6 URL filtering/monitoring. You could also use something like Smoothwall Express for this purpose and also for QOS. Cisco and Juniper routers will support QOS.
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  • Ccie7335
    Yes, there is a way to do this! Here's how. Plug your router into a Layer 3 Switch (3560 or a 3750 running Advanced IP Services). Create a 20 L3 VLANs with their own subnets. Assign a single port to each of the VLANs. On each SVI use the bandwidth command and limit it to 76kbits per second (I took the other guys word on the division) Point the L3 Switch to the router as its default route... IP of next hop [ethernet interface on router]. Lastly, you want to create an ACL that protects each of the 20 networks from each other... that's another class. Let me know if you can't figure that out. This should do it. As far as doing this with WIFI... that's easy too. You will need AP's that support .1q tags. You can trunk multiple VLANs to access points. From there you can map each VLAN to its own BSS (SSID). Using retail equipment will not work. You will need to get a Cisco or another enterprise level AP.
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    Hello kavoos, did the thing work out for you? let me know
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