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Recently this iSeries user wrote in with a question about password expiration. He writes, "How can I tell if a user's password does not expire? I've used the user profile report, but all it gives me for expiration values are 0's or -1's for all of the users." Can you help? Michelle Davidson Editor

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Execute the following command:


In the USRPRFS file created, there is a field that shows a password expiration interval. Any user with a value of -1 in this field specifies that the password never expires.

A zero means when the user was created this parameter was set to *SYSVAL and it uses the system value QPWDEXPITV to determine what the value is.

Any other numeric value means when the user was created the number of days was actually entered on this parameter.


The profile will expose the date of last password change and the password-change interval (e.g., 10 days). The password expiration date is PasswordChangeDate plus PasswordExpirationInterval days. Just add the number of days to the date.

Since the QPWDEXPITV system value can be changed at any time, the profile doesn’t keep a date. It is simply checked against last-change date and interval when signon occurs.


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  • Dalibor
    Same effect you get with PRTUSRPRF TYPE(*PWDINFO). The difference is that you get report in spool file in your OUTQ, not in OUTFILE. It's clearly to me and you can in iSeries navigator copy-paste that report to PC. Dalibor
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  • pdraebel
    A password expiration value of -1 indicates that the expiration interval is *NOMAX. The password does not expire.
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  • ToddN2000
    It may also have to do with what release you are on as to what the options are. Under V7R3M0 when you do a WRKUSRPRF and look at the help for setting the password expiration these are the values and meanings

         Password expiration interval (PWDEXPITV) - Help
    Specifies the password expiration interval (in days).
        The value does not change. 

        The system value QPWDEXPITV is used to determine the
        password expiration interval. 
        The password does not expire.

        Specify the number of days between the date when the
        password is changed and the date when the password 
        expires.  Valid values range from 1 through 366.
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