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Dear friends, I want to know how to create setup file of our project in VB 6.0. Wait...I know how to create setup file using package and deployment tool but I want to know how can I create a file in which we can include images, pictures, some animations. I mean setup file with our own ideas and design. Please help me. I'm waiting for a reply. vidushak

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Your best bet and easiest method if you have the complete visual studio installed would be to download the visual studio installer from the Microsoft site.
It builds MSI packages and allows a decent range of modifications that you can make to the setup. Other than this, you would have to get some different kind of installer package.jkjkkk

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  • Addis12345
    I need to create a source code for a hidden password " the one with the Astrix " tell me how
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  • carlosdl
    Addis12345, your question has no relation with the original question. Please create a new one.
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  • Sourour
    follow the following steps to create the installer for ur project. but before trying this make sure that u have created the executable(.exe) for ur project. hope u know how to create that. 1.close ms vb6.0 ide start>-programs->microsoft visual studio 6.0->microsoft visual studio 6.0 tools->package and deployment wizard browse to locate ur project file(.vbp) package yes to start the recompilation process package type select standard setup package and click next the destination where u want to create the package folder for ur project.this folder will contain all the supported and main application files required to install ur apps in some other client machine. yes to create the folder if it doesn't exist and click next 9.the next list that will come will display all necessary files to build the add to insert some other files from ur project to the said list.if u any access database file,click this button,locate ur db file and click open to add the file to the list.this list will also help u to remove any unnecessary files that u donot wish to install in the target machine with apps.u can also add help files(if any) for project from this option.but do not ever try to remove the .dll,.ocx,.lib or .exe next 10.if u want ur setup becomes a standalone package select single cab otherwise if u want part installer then select multiple cab.if u select the 2nd option u have mention the size of the floppy disks.then the wizard will ask u insert the floppies one after another.i will recommend u not to use this next (if u see any shared files box or dependency information box just skip that) 11.insert a title for the installer and click next the next screen adjust the menu apperance the setup will create for u.this will become the startmenu shortcuts for ur apps. next->click next the script name box u do not require to enter anything but do not erase the default text. finish to build the installer. close->click close after the installer is created just goto the package folder and there u will find a file "setup.exe".double click that to run the installer.
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  • Ammadkhan01
    thanks for very nice instructions sourour. i have successfully made a setup file, thanks once again
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  • Vester
    you can encrypt Password as long data type just sample convert the asc code of Character and then make it like this for i=0 to len(pass) temp = asc(pass) * i next
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  • Ankurd
    How to create .MSI file in vb6.0
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  • asm786
    my setup file fail to display data report when i install it to another machine
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  • knower
    what if your database is mysql. how will you create an installer package for that?
    is it the same as what you did in making a package in access with vb 6?
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  • TechFreelancer
    Hello Addis, you can simply change this in the textbox properties,

    Just select the textbox, the in the properties of textbox- GO TO > PasswordChar, over there you can add the character you wish to view instead of your input character...!!!

    -Gaurav Villecha
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