How to copy database to another Domino server and prevent the consistency check

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I have a requirement need to copy DBs to another Server. Due to just upgrade machine and user want to keep domain server name, so Old and New server have same name. My plan is
  1. Install new server (Only OS)
  2. Stop the Old Domino server
  3. Copy Notes.ini and all of NSF file to new server.
  4. Install Domino server in the new server.
My problem is when open the DB, it will have "Consistency check" message. About copy NSF to new server, do I have any way to prevent this message in the new server?

Software/Hardware used:
Domino 8.5.2 and VMware

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Hi there….

What the Domino server is doing is needed. You have made a funimental change to the data (ie Moved it). What the domino server is doing it checking the data is ok and that there is no risk of massive corruption caused by this change. I dont think you want to stop this. BUT what you can do is run it whilst the server is down.


Below is from the IBM support site etc. What you need to do is open a command prompt change directory to the Domino Installation directory and run the NFIXUP.exe with the normal switches. This will mean the server will run the consistancy check whilst it is down. If you have a cluster or replication partner then the old server can still be up. Until the other server is ready


Ways to run Fixup manuallyUse Domino Administrator to use any of these methods to run
Fixup manually to fix a corrupted database. With each of these methods, you can
customize how Fixup runs.

  • Run Fixup using the Fixup tool in the Files tab —
    Use this method to run Fixup on one or a few databases; you can easily select
    the databases and you don’t have to use command-line options, but you can’t use
    the Domino Administrator until Fixup finishes.

  • Run Fixup using the Task – Start tool — Use this
    method to run Fixup on all databases; you can continue to use the Domino
    Administrator while Fixup runs and you don’t have to use command-line

  • Run Fixup using a console command — Use this method
    if you want to use command-line options or to run Fixup directly at the server
    console when there isn’t a Domino Administrator client available.

  • Run Fixup using a Program document — Use this method
    to schedule Fixup to run at particular times.

  • Run Fixup on a Win32 platform — Use this method if
    you are unable to run Fixup at the server console. This method requires that you
    use the “n” prefix, for example, nfixup – F.


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