how to copy column-headings from a PF

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how to get column-heading names copied along with data from a PF to a flat-file? - OR - how to copy column-headings from a PF to another PF?

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If I understand you correctly, you want the file field description copied and written to a file.

In a CL do a DSPFFD to an outfile and then call a pgm (RPG etc) read in that file extracting the description as required.


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  • DanTheDane
    Query the systemfile QSYS/QADBIFLD. Maybe this sample code can help you:
    SELECT dbilib, dbifil, dbifmt, dbifld, dbitxt, dbihdg 
    FROM qadbifld 
    WHERE dbilib = '[myownlib]' and dbifil = '[myownfile]'  
    Replace the squared brackets and content with your own library and filname. You may find other interesting info in the other sytem database files. Use command
    wrkobj qadb* 
    to find these files. You may use Query/400 also. Warning: DO NOT try to update these files. Good luck DanTheDane
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  • Teandy
    If we knew more on why you want to do this, we may be able to come up with better answers. The only reason I can think of for a flat file to contain column headings is so it can be converted to a .CSV. If this is the case then google for a command called CVTPFXLS. This will take the file and convert it to an excel spread sheet complete with column headings. You can then save the file as a .CSV
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  • TomLiotta
    If at all possible, don't query QSYS/QADBIFLD. Better would be to use the views provided over it rather than the PF itself. Query QSYS2/SYSCOLUMNS instead. Consider a specific function that can create a single row for any list of columns from any table. If you're going to need to do this once, you'll probably need it again. If you can generate a single row for column headings, you can always append additional rows for column data. Tom
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  • I400
    I am very interested in this, having the same problem. I do get labeltext, column headings from QSYS2.syscolumns with sql, but it is in one row per label, and I am looking how to change it to columns, so i can make a union with another sql that has the data but without column headings? Can somebody help me on that. and files will be diffrent, so column headings will be different.
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