How to connect two subnets and two isp’s with Cisco RV042G

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I recently bought a Cisco RV042G dual wan router and it served it's primary function of load balancing two internet connections straight out of the box! I was impressed.. Regrettably I hit the limits of my (limited) networking knowledge with the following problems. Let me describe my network first: ISP1: VDSL connection 50/5mbit connected to a Fritz!box fon WLAN 7360 (W)LAN1: The "inside" of the fritzbox router I'll call LAN1 which has DHCP enabled and IP range netmask On LAN1 there is a NAS Connected and an additional wireless access point. ISP2: a direct glass fiber connection with a Ethernet socket in house and a single IP address 82.139.84.xx The Cisco RV042G has two WAN ports... WAN1 is connected to LAN1 and receives ip and WAN2 is connected to ISP2. LAN2 is the inside of Cisco RV042G with IP range 192.168.1.xx Here are multiple computers connected. All internet connectivity seems to work.. BUT... I need to have LAN1 and LAN2 transparent for each other.. I created a static route in the advanced routing settings with the following configuration: dest. IP>: subnet mask default gateway hop count 10? interface WAN1 I didn't know if it was necessary but i also tried to create the reverse route: 10 LAN I can ping machines from the x.x.178 and from the x.x.1. domain.. but the names of the machines are not accessible... The internal name for my NAS is: disk .. an ns lookup finds the IP correctly.. but I can't mount a disk using this name.. only using it's IP address.. more over devices are not automatically discovered over the router... From what I read, this had to do that broadcast messages are not forwarded over the interface. What are my options to get this working? -Do i have to do something with subnetting in the Cisco router? -Will it help if I put both networks with the same IP range (and just make sure both DHCP servers give out different sub regions) -Will enabling RIP in the advanced routing section help? -Are my static routes configured correctly? -Can I do something with WINS services to make sure names of devices are discovered correctly? Thanks for any help...

Software/Hardware used:
RV042G and FRITZ!Box Fon WLAN 7360

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Your ping tests tell you that your routes are working fine.  You don’t need to worry about the RV042G configuration as that seems to be configured perfectly.

Name resolution is in your DNS settings.  On your DNS server in LAN1, you should create a new Forward lookup zone for the domain name for LAN2 and vise versa.  Then add the DNS names you want to resolve in each domain.

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  • heijligers
    Hello Mshen..Thank you for your response.. i added the machines to a local dns cache of the cisco router.. (could not find a dns forward zone)...The problem though is with network discovery.. many windows and android applications use a broadcast or multicast message to discover which machines are active on the netwerk... as only directed tcpip messages are forewarded through the static route, all programs that are coneccted to LAN1 and try to "discover" which machines/services are available on the network (including LAN2) fail to discover anything... Can i solve this by using a netmask of ? and if yes.. where should i set this netmask?thxBjorn
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  • mshen
    I think it would be best if you connected the Cisco directly to both ISP's and moved all devices from LAN1 to LAN2.  If there is no reason to separate the LAN's then consolidating them would be the best thing to do.  I would not use a /16 subnet.
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