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We recently initiated a branch office setup in the same city. (Setup is still in process) Currently in Main branch we are using Cisco 2800 series router and Cisco 6500 series Core Switches. Similarly in Branch Office, we have one Cisco 2800 series router and some POE switches.

In order to connect both branches together, we will be acquiring IP/VPN Connection from service provider. The idea is to utilize each others resources.

We are planning to treat our Branch office network as a subnet of Main Branch. Therefore we'll be using the same IP schema but of course on different VLAN. (OR should i treat it as a separate network?)

To my understanding IP/VPN link will terminate on the Router of Branch office and other end will be terminate on the router of Main Office. (Please correct me if i am wrong).

Secondly, do I have to do something else on Router or on Switch to make it work properly? Am I missing anything?

Your detailed response is anticipated.

Regards - MAK


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  • Makmaniax
    Thanks Em! I am aware about the basic requirements. I will improvise my question. Please CORRECT me if am wrong.. 1) Branch Office Router will be connected to the switch and from switch the network will be provided to End users IP equipment. (In case if gets the firewall, it will be placed between router and switch) Branch Office router is Service Provider's Router is (interface connected to Branch Office Router) Service Provider's Router is (interface connected to Main Office Router) Main Office Router is (There is a IP/VPN link between Main site and branch Office) 2) In order to have communication between two sites, do I have to create a static route on the Branch Office Router with the next hop of Or should I use the Routing protocol "OSPF" to find its way to the main site? What should I do to establish communication between two sites? Apart from routing do I have to do something else as well?? Looking forward for your swift response. -MAK
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  • Labnuke99
    I would recommend contacting a local network equipment reseller who could help guide you through this process. It would be good for you to have a local partner to help you support this configuration. It sounds like you do not have a lot of experience with networks of this type and finding an experienced network mentor close by will help you learn what needs to be done. It will help you grow your skills. This forum is useful for answering questions about specific technology problems but design and implementation discussions hold a lot of "what-if's" that would be better discussed with a reseller/partner. I wish you luck in this endeavor and feel free to come back with additional questions.
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  • CRagsdale32
    Honestly, once you have your network installed and running in both locations, the rest is up to your Service provider. They are responsible for setting up the private tunnel you need between both locations as I understand it. Contact them first to see what they require from your end to ensure you have the correct secured and private link between sites.
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  • Mtechcomputernework2345678
    hi how we connect the network between th two city? with my regards to you..
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  • pkpatel1151
    I am not sure if you already have solved this. If still looking for answer, you should use different subent for branch. I'd keep VLAN scheme the same but again, use different networks at branch. This will ease up deployment of VPN and keep your network flexible and will accommodat for additional sites/branch offices.
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