How to configure outlook to reply with the same email address as the recipient address with multiple accounts

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Our client has 1 SBS server with Exchange. Each user (obviously) has their own email address. The business has multiple branches/offshoots - most of which also have their own domain name. (This is so the company can easily be split up if and when the owner wishes to do so.) For arguments sake lets say the company is ABC ltd. Gina is the accounts manager with an email address of In AD under email addresses she has aliases, etc etc. – There are outlook rules set up to redirect any mail sent to any of those addresses to corresponding folders in outlook - all working as it should. The issue is – when she replies to any of the sub-branches it’s as Gina from ABC when what she needs is Gina from the "subbranch". I know we can use the “From” facility but that’s not satisfactory. So what I’ve done so far. . . I’ve created OUs for the subbranches in Active Directory and created appropriate users under each. I’ve added an email alias under each to point at and set the appropriate forwarders etc. In Gina’s Outlook I have set up “dummy” POP accounts for each which forces the “Accounts” button to appear in the Send area of a new email. So what SHOULD HAPPEN is when Gina needs to send an email on behalf of one of the sub-branches, she clicks on the Accounts button and chooses the appropriate account, fills out the message and sends it. This part appears to be working as we expected however, replies (As opposed to new mail) are still going out with the default sender address - – Is there something we’re missing or doing wrong and or, is there a really simple way of doing this?? Regards Paul

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The “from” is always going to be the primary SMTP of her AD account regardless of POP3 profile setup.

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  • Moa
    Thanks for your reply. I understand the "From" is always the primary SMTP address. I also understand that if an email comes in to a non-default email address (as set up as I stated in the question) when we press "Reply" we have to click on the "accounts" button, as described, to send it as the non-default user. A clearer question from me would then be - Is there some way to make the "reply" from a non-primary account DEFAULT to that (non-primary) address, rather than the extra steps of selecting the "accounts" button then clicking on the appropriate account??? I hope that makes more sense (I guess my client is trying to cut down on keystrokes - maybe we're becoming a rather lazy society ;-> ) Cheers
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  • Moa
    Hi guys - is there anyone out there with any more info that may help me, please. - No response to my last feedback of 2 weeks ago - Time to can this maybe??
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