How to change the text in the text box to numbers with command button?

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Visual Basic 6
Visual Basic commands
I wanna change the text to numbers by using command button in Visual basic 6.0.
For eg.when i click the command button the text should convert h to 100 and e to 539 , l to 634 and o to 19.With space after each code.Hello should be converted like this 100 539 634 19
How will i do that please help me somebody.
For more details go to the following link for better

Software/Hardware used:
Visual basic6.0

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  • carlosdl
    We won't do your homework. Sorry. Show us what you have tried so far, and maybe we can give you some pointers.
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  • exheleon90
    well i am having the exact same problem, i used to be very fluent in vb6 but i have been out of practice for a couple of years and need some help. i am essentially trying to make a rudimentary till program i have a number pad, and when you cick a number i want it to show up in the text box, these numbers will not be used in mathamtical function, so i declared them as string in there variables to make it easier code is as follows :Dim dbl1 As Double
    Dim dbl2 As Double
    Dim dbl3 As Double
    Dim dbl4 As Double
    Dim dbl5 As Double
    Dim dbl6 As Double
    Dim dbl7 As Double
    Dim dbl8 As Double
    Dim dbl9 As String
    Dim dbl0 As Double
    Dim dbl00 As Double
    Dim strclear As String

    Private Sub cmd9_Click()
    dbl9 = 9
    End Sub
    *note; im only using number 9 as an example because i realised that declaring their variables as a double would just be a pain in the ass*
    thanks in advance for the help :)
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  • carlosdl
    "thanks in advance for the help"  You have not asked for help.  How can we know what you need help with ?
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