How to change status line (24) from CL?

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I'm trying to leave a status message on line 24 when my CL(LE) program is done. Unfortunately, as soon as the message appears, it vanishes! This CL submits a batch process, and my goal is to notify the user that they submitted it so that they don't just keep doing it because they have seen no immediate results. Here is my CLLE code to send the message: SNDPGMMSG MSGID(CPF9897) MSGF(QCPFMSG) MSGDTA('Update + submitted. Check printer for reports.') + TOPGMQ(*EXT) MSGTYPE(*STATUS) What am I doing wrong?? Thanks in advance!

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Try using these parameters :-



Martin Gilbert.


The only thing wrong is the understanding of what a *STATUS message does. A *STATUS message is intended to show the progress that is made while a program runs. When the program ends, its *STATUS messages go away.

This can sometimes be confusing because it can seem that some *STATUS messages will remain while others go away. You can often see this difference in behavior when you call programs from within a product such as PDM and you compare it to calling the same program from a standard system menu such as MAIN.

A *STATUS message can remain on some PDM displays because the message is actually sent to a PDM program message queue. PDM receives the message and causes it to be redisplayed on the PDM screen. Since PDM is still active, that copy of the message remains until you exit PDM or some other message (possibly a blank message) replaces it.

Calling the same program from MAIN will generally show the message disappear as soon as the program ends.

A different message type, e.g., *COMP, as suggested below might be more appropriate.

Be aware that different screen programs (e.g., PDM vs. MAIN) cause the screen to act differently. You need to run your program under predictable conditions if you need predictable behavior. Make sure you test different conditions.


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  • graybeard52
    Try this - I think you MSGTYPE(*COMP) SNDPGMMSG MSGID(CPF9897) MSGF(QCPFMSG) MSGDTA('Job + complete.') MSGTYPE(*COMP)
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  • Gilly400
    That's better. Completion message makes more sense than escape. Sorry.
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