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Can you tell me how to become a professional hacker? Are there any global certifications for it?

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I haven’t heard of any certs…. are you looking to work for a security company?

You could start here and ask around.

Update by Labnuke99:

There are certainly certifications for this and there must be a high level of ethics involved though as the skills taught can be used for damaging data, systems and reputations. EC Council┬áhas the C-EH – Certified Ethical Hacker certification. SANS has training in Hacker Techniques, Exploits and Incident Handling. I have both Security+ and CEH. You will need good network skills and an understanding of applications to certify.

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  • Ed Tittel
    Dear Sir or Madam: Labnuke certainly has the certifications for this kind of thing nailed: both the EC Council/CEH and the various SANS credentials are highly regarded (SANS probably more than CEH) in North America and Europe, and are gaining recognition in the PacRim as well. Also, please don't overlook the NSA's national centers of academic excellence, many of which include hacking related coverage in their curricula. All this said, most real hackers earned their stripes by spending countless hours over years of relentless pursuit of source code, reverse engineering, and so forth. Certifications or not, be prepared to do likewise! HTH, --Ed--
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  • Kevin Beaver
    As with any field, if you're going to be good at professional hacking, you've got to get some good hands-on experience. Certs - although necessary to get past the screeners - aren't all that. You'll learn some basics but rolling up your sleeves and getting your hands dirty using all the free tools (and even trial versions of commercial products) out there is going to help you more than anything.
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  • Ethicalhackerzzzzzzzzz
    Is there any one who hack window password with out any 3rd party tool,, or is there anyone who hacked email id password...... without keylogger, n spyware
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  • Ashleyc
    why people ask so many question .. just do the work here.. try to learn how to put pop ups first... basic of hacking.. lol
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  • mitrum
    go for CEH
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  • Subhendu Sen
    @Gillianlondon, it is not a good practice to write ur question on Discussion Area rather than create a new question. Have u read this discussion here ! This questions answers sessions r already supplied enough details according to ur question, which u asked on discussion area. Please link Here and create a new question. It helps to visible by more members and u may get quiet solid answers. Thanks--
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  • carlosdl
    "This questions answers sessions r already supplied enough details according to ur question" Well, I didn't see any question, he/she is just looking for a hacker.. :-)
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  • John1
    i need all information about I.T and I.C.T
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  • asam
    want to hack
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  • Kevin Beaver
    To update my original response below, I'd recommend pursuing the C|EH certification - I've seen its content/study materials and they're top notch.

    You might want to check out my book on hacking as well - I step you through the entire ethical hacking/penetration testing/security assessment process including the important tests you need to be running on your systems so you can find and eliminate the low-hanging fruit (the stuff that'll get you into the breach databases and headlines).
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  • ToddN2000
    I'vr got your book Kevin. Very nice info and easy to follow. I wonder how many use it to "turn to the dark side" tough. Lol.
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