How to add and / or delete files to modify a program’s installation?

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Hello all, this is my first post and to be honest, it doesn't really seem like this is the ideal forum to ask such a question, however I can't find a more relevent forum. Therefore if this is deemed inappropriate for this forum please accept my apologies in advance. Can anyone help me on how to: 1) Take a commerical program which has been developed and published by a third party, and modify the .CAB files so as to add and /or delete some database files. I have been commissioned to make these changes to the database on behalf of the end user/s, however I am trying to re-burn a new CD with my updated databases (Access Databases) rather than the originals. I also want to delete a couple of surpurflous databases which are packed with the original installation CAB file as my end user does not need them. At the end of the the day I am trying to create a CD which will give my end users the ability to simply install the software from 1 CD and be up to date with all of the updated (and none of the surpurfluous) database files. My end users are generally at the low end of the PC user food chain so to ask them to install the program, delete the surpurflous files, insert my updated files etc is a little out of their capacity. Can anyone help me please.

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Removing files from the CAB file probably won’t be a good idea. The installer will be looking for them and will probably throw an error if they aren’t there.

Updating the Access database should be easy. Double click on the CAB file, and copy out the file. Update it as needed and drag it back into the CAB file. Windows should be able to do this without issue. If it can’t winzip or winrar can.

As long as the file has the same name, and is in the same location the installer should work with it no problem.

As for removing the un-needed files, you’d need to contact the people that wrote the software and have them remove the files from the installer.

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    I would not modify the original installation files. My suggestion is to wrap the installation in a script (command, VB, Perl, etc) and then remove, delete, add or modify the database files post installation. If you need to change actual application files (not database files) I would suggest going back to the application provider. There are tools to look at installations (example ORCA from MS for MSI files) but if they are encrypted you will be unable to see what is being done. Often times checksums are used to prevent modified of install files. CABARC and EXTRACT are your friends from Microsoft for CAB files You can use these to create your own CAB files to add to the installation source. Personally, I use a separate compression application to create self extractors for distributions. CAB files work fine as well. There are many choices of compression applications available. Pick your favorite that meets your needs..
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