How to add a printer in a network?

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I've a internet connection having IP ( there are 7 wifi enabled laptops,one access point and one network printer, printer has not any wifi port, it has only RJ45 port and one usb 2.0 port. every laptop access internet through access point. but i want to share the printer on IP through switch. please tell me the step by step configuration of networking. thanks!

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Conenct your Printer via Cable and give it an IP address on your Network. This should not be DHCP unless you are using intergrated DNS in your network. Not likely from what you have stated above.

Once you have a IP then you should install the Printer configuration software on a PC (you might need to do this before you add the IP to the printer as some do not have an interface to set network config). This will auto detect the Printer and allow connection. Once this has been done then either configure the printer as a share or configure each machine for direct access to the print. This will depend on the rest of your network.

Note: if you can remove your external IP……

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  • Gabe9527
    Please tell me that is not your real IP - note publishing real information is not clever anywhere.
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  • Ranjeetkmr
    thanks for your suggestion . but dear friend i published here an imaginative ip. i am sure that my real ip is different and it's class is also different.
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  • Ranjeetkmr
    what is an external ip? and how could i remove it? thanks.
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  • saturno
    Hello, My suggestion is: Give you printer a "static" IP address. I say "static" because you can configure it manually within the printer interface or you can reserve a specific IP address in your DHCP server (this might be your access point which I'm assuming is also your network router) Once you have this printer with a static IP address, you can install it on every computer in the same LAN. When you launch the Add Printer Wizard and if you are running Windows 7, it will automatically search for networked printers in you LAN. If running XP you'll need to add an IP port (configured reserved IP address) and you'll be done. This is just an overall clarification. Should you need more detailed explanation, just tell us so. HTH
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  • jinteik
    another thing i can is exclude your printer ip in your router as dedicated to your printer only. then from there you can follow the steps that have been given.
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