How to access AS400 during restricted state?

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AS/400 backup
After I've browsed internet, I almost felt it is only me, who's looking for answer to this. As I have one partition with only 2G memory and 0,1CPU saving 4T, I don't want to let it down for 11 hours - well, it is just backup system, so even if down, it causes no harm. But still...I would like to know more than just "probably doing something". I would like to access it, but I don't want users to go there in any possible way. Any ideas?

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I’m assuming you don’t mean restricted state with all subsystems ended.

If your machine is setup that all the users are active in one particular subsystem (QINTER for example), you could end the subsystem whcih would stop any users logging into the machine. Meanwhile you’d need to add a workstation entry for your workstation to another subsystem description (like QCTL or QBASE) so that your workstation gets allocated to that subsystem. This way you could still log in, but your users couldn’t.

Just an idea.


Martin Gilbert.

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  • Champs
    Hi Martin. I'm afraid, that was exactly what I meant... when all the subsystems are down, only QCTL is up and running with backup in it. The idea is to access it after the SAVSYS. With only QINTER down, I'm afraid, they still could be able to access the machine...if not via FTP, then possibly through database or applications (God only knows, how did they setup these). I would like to have started as little as possible but still to be able to check, if backup is ok and stuff. I can't use submit to console...for some reasons (from upstairs). But thanks for answer anyway. Petr
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  • djac
    One option would be to use Ops Console. You have a pc/laptop running the Ops console software connected to the serial Console connector on the AS400. The you access this pc/laptop over the network using RDP (remote desktop).
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  • Cwc
    If the system is in a restricted state, with only QCTL running, users shouldn't be able to acess the sytem through FTP, ODBC, OLEDB, etc., since none of the subsystems which support those functions would be running. Then, as Martin suggested, you could have your workstation allocated to QCTL, so that you could still sign on and look around (you wouldn't need to access through the console).
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  • graybeard52
    I have a procedure that does SAVSYS, etc at tmonth-end. With a fully restricted state, even the QCTL sessions don't work. The ONLY access is thru the console. I am using the a HMC to control the LPARs, so the console is on the HMC. However, you CAN access the HMC, and therefore "share" the console. So I can watch and/or check on the system from my home 50 miles away by doing a RDP to my PC at the plant, and use that to connect to the HMC. It takes a little work getting the PC congiured, but its well worth.
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  • Champs
    Thank you all Cwc - when you run ENDSBS *ALL *IMMED, you don't have TCP to get to QCTL and I am not very sure, how it is with Djac, Graybeard52 - I am not allowed to use console (DSP01). Plus when the machine is in restricted, QCTL allows only one task at the time, I would say... :-/ Maybe I should have been more specific: - I am not allowed to use submit to console (hmc on another pc and remote desktop won't make any change) - backup should run in QCTL - which only allows one task at once during restricted (so I can not connect when there is backup running). - I don't want users to change anything during backup = absolutely no access for them - shutting services down one by one would make it longer than it can be (because I have very short windows given by customer) - so what I'm looking for is not only to get ther during restricted.... what I'm looking for is to get to the system during restricted with backup running......
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  • Gilly400
    Hi, The limitation of the number of jobs in QCTL can be changed - it's just one of the settings in the subsystem definition. It'll probably be down to the job queue entries (in which case you can use CHGJOBQE to change them) or the subsystem description description itself (you can use CHGSBSD to change it). I think you'll still need telnet access to get a session. Maybe someone has another suggestion for that? Regards, Martin Gilbert.
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  • Mell0rman
    Here's another thought as the system is a backup type. Can you create another interface with a new IP address and create a new basic start-up program to start minimal subsystems. set the new interface to Autostart *YES change the others to *NO Then run your SAVSYS save and let it IPL after. Once it’s done the I.P.L. the new basic start-up program needs to be called from the QSTRUPPGM system value. Make the program only have minimal subsystems up along with TCP/IP coms etc,. this will allow you access on the new interface the other interfaces will not have started preventing user access. Once your backup has completed let it call a full startup program to include the normal user access interfaces starting plus any remaining subsystems required. Just an alternate Idea, this way you may get an I.P.L in your short window as well. Regards Andy
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