How does equal to operator work in RPGLE free format when v compare file field with constant value.

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I have a file field which has values 'X' or 'Y' and it is of 10 length.
Chain f1:f2:f3 filename

if %found filename

if f4 = 'X'
In free format RPGLE when I tried to compare it fails even though value of f4 is ' X' . Note: f4 is of 10length. Work around is trimming F4 before equating but I would like to know the reason for this issue. because it works in STRSQL and in other programs too

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Physical File : XARRPF1

0001.00      A          R USER                  
0002.00      A            FNAME         10A     
0003.00      A            MNAME         10A     
0004.00      A            LNAME         10A     
0005.00      A          K FNAME       

RECORDS  of Physical FIle (XARRPF1) :

            FNAME       MNAME       LNAME   
 000001 ROCK        ABCD        RIGHT   
 000002 X                 Y                   Z       
 ****** ********  End of report  *******


F* F I L E    D E F I N I T I O N           
FXARRPF1   IF   E           K DISK          
DVAR1             S             10A         
   VAR1 = ‘X’;                              
   CHAIN(E) VAR1 XARRPF1;                   
   IF %FOUND(XARRPF1);                      
     IF VAR1 = ‘X’;                         
        DSPLY ‘ITS WORKING’;                
  *INLR = *ON;                              

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  • CharlieBrowne
    Is the value in f4 right or left justified? If it is right justified, it will not be equal to 'X' because 'X' is left justified.
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  • CharlieBrowne
    It the value is always in the same position, they it is best to just substr to do the compare or set up a constant 10 long with the X in the correct position.
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  • azohawk

    As CharlieBrowne indicated, the fact that the field sizes do not match is going to be an issue.

    A couple of things I would try:

    If %Trim(f4) = 'X'

    or try to substring the f4 parm.

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  • ToddN2000
    As mentioned by the other posters it's most likely a justification issue.
    Check the field with a DFU or WRKQRY. See what the actual location of the X is in the 10 char field. The most effective way to handle this would be to use the trim function that azohawk mentions.. If it's always a constant position then charliebrowns substring is a good method. You could also break the field up into an array or data structure and check that..
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  • GregManzo
    Is the F4 a variable length field? Because if it is then trailing blanks can become significant in the compare. Otherwise what's mentioned above looks good.
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