how does channel length affect patch cord length?

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I need to install a 10/100 base Ethernet switch into a rather small cabinet. I read in a previous discussion that the minimum length for a CAT5e patch cable is 2.5m, which will make the install look untidy. If I use a CAT6 or CAT6a cable what will the minimum length have to be?

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Patch cord length is more than just a minimum number. It is based on the length of the channel also so that combined the channel does not exceed 100m. There is wire management that can help dress in the slack for a patch cord. What is the length of the total cable channel?
More than cable length, the problems would arise because of interference. And then use cable ties or cable routing mechanisms to get the ‘tidy’ appearance.

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  • Kevin Beaver
    I've made and used really short CAT5 cables that worked just fine so you may be able to do that - or order a a custom size. I can't imagine this is anything a couple of zip ties couldn't resolve.
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  • Stiltner
    Agree with Kevin. As long as your quality control on the cable and the connectors is good, I can't imagine anything could be too small. My suggestion is one of "test and find out". At the worst case scenario, you waste a few dollars in cable, a few dollars in connectors, and maybe a small amount of your time making them. But in the end, you could have a cleaner, much easier to manage work area, and that pays off 10 fold for the testing and troubleshooting you can do to make sure the cables are sufficient. I'm betting you'll find something around 0.5m is going to work just fine, and possibly even smaller if necessary, since I imagine you'd doing switch or interior rack interconnections, you should be fine. Finding them pre-made that small is difficult, making your own that small obviously is just a matter of time / effort. here's a link to a highly regarded vendor of cables selling 0.5ft (0.15 meters) cables in Cat5e variants So, i think you'll be just fine
  • BlankReg
    I think you will find that the 2.5 metres was from the old thin-wire ethernet days, and think-wire actually had markers at 5 metre intervals so you knew where to put the traps. As with the other responders here, I have used patch cables of all sorts of lengths, with no problems. And if you suspect a problem, try a differnet length of patch and see if the problem goes away. (and report back here to prove us all wrong !!!!).
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  • Samicse58
    In your environment if there are no frequent cable changes from one switch to other due to different networks on switches then go for different legth of cable like 2m 5m and even 1m to adjust and make the rack tidy..
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  • Sxfiber
    If you need to update the network cable to fiber optic patch cord, you can contact
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