How does AVG-free compare to other top Security Suites?

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I was wondering just how well AVG-free compares to top-of-the-line security suites such as Norton 360?

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I can only speak from personal experience.

Here lately I have been seeing an increase in the number of PC’s being infected with malware. Particularly the type that show windows pop ups that say the machine is infected and for X dollars they will sell you the software to remove the infection. All of these machines were running Norton. Some are here at work and others belong to friends that have asked me for help. All but two of these machines had to be wiped out and reformatted to get rid of the malware.

At home I have been running AVG free along with spybot search and destroy for over two years now. I and my family spend a great deal of time on the internet. I have never had an infection that either AVG or spybot did not catch before it’s did damage. Just remember to use the immunize feature in spybot.

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  • r3boot
    well, AVG its a good anti-virus software but nowadays its not viruses are threat its malware, another software you can used that really works besides its free from malwarebytes creators of "malwarebytes anti-malware".
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  • jinteik
    allow me to share this too. I used AVG on one of my office computers and it detected not harmful files as trojan and virus. I was worried. So i updated the thing (it does automatic update) and continue to scan the pc. after I found out that file was safe, i removed AVG and installed McAfee. I then did a full scan on the pc, but it was clean. since I thought it was pulling my leg, I decided to do another full scan and it was clean....
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  • Dee101
    For home use, I've had very good luck with AVG. It detects virus, trojans and rootkits quite well. There are the occasional false positives, of course, but that happens with any Security Suite. My major concern with Norton and McAfee is that they are rather heavy-handed in two areas: resource requirements and "taking over" machine access. The resource piece can be an issue for performance at the least -- but I've also found that they can make changes to system parameters that can be rather hard to track down. Security solutions are a balancing act between need and the overall cost on the user experience. For home machines, I've found that AVG with strong passwords on sensitive files works well. For home business machines, of course, AVG-free would be a EULA violation. The paid version works -- and I'd also commend VIPRE from SunBelt if you want an alternative.
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  • Chippy088
    I use AVG antivirus and Zone alarm firewall (because they are free) on all 3 of my home networked PCs. I have malware software installed on all 3. It started out 3 years ago, as a project to test security programs. At the time they caught all the baddies, which gave me confidence in them, so I never changed. I have 1 PC that is accessed by a colleague over the internet, so it is always on. In the 3 years I have used this set up, I have only had 1 case of malware, (your PC is infected pay to have it removed etc) this was caused by clicking on the wrong part of the screen resulting in a remote virus check from a scam website. (User error. AV doesn't stop that, only user training.) AVGs website help, As Dee101 already said, company usage is different. The more functions the security software has means greater memory usage. At this time on my PC AVG has 6 resident programs running, and Zonealarm has 1, using a total RAM of 10k, not a lot considering the overhead some others that do the same job have.
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