How do I prove that a full backup of Fi-Co when restored onto another system is a true and good copy of the source system.

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Hi, during a change freeze and after a full offline backup I am restoring this backup of my current production Fi-Co system onto another server to act as a system reference before making major changes to my live production system. My question is how do I prove to my business colleagues that the restored (reference) copy of Fi-Co is a true and accurate copy of actual production before I make these changes to my production system (i.e. how do I prove that the backup is good, and that the restored system and business data in both systems is identical). I need to to this as part of a very constrained time window so quickest would be best. I have currently written an ABAP tool that will reconcile between production and my reference system, all business companies and Fi-Co ledgers over 8 an year period, and the current sign off being if they both come out the same after reconciliation then this is good proof that they are identical. The problem is that it takes AGES to run which blows my change window and further outage is unacceptable to the business. Any help greatly appreciated. Many thanks.

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If you are completely sure that all of the data is identical, and you need this just to prove that to them, and you are short of time, you could offer to make random or on-demand comparisons between systems, making sure your tests include some data from all subsystems.

The key factor will be to make them understand that you are doing it this way because of time constraints, but letting them know that you are completely sure the data is the same, and you can guarantee that.


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    From a technical perspective: After restoring an SAP backup, whether it is over the original system or to a an enw SID, I run health checks (SICK, SPAD, SM51, SM21 &tc) . As part of checking SM21 for any errors after the SAP restart, you will see the details of the shutdown prior to the full offline backup. This is an indicator that you have restored teh correct backup. From a business perspective: You need to demonstrate to the customer / User that there is a cost (in time) in using their preferred method of validation. If their method of validation pushes the 'user acceptance' beyond an acceptable time, then THEY have to decide what takes priority - a simpler / quicker method of validation, or a longer recovery time.
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