How do I make “Notes text” links hyperlinks on a browser?

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My notes application generate text links like this: notes:///8525656D003361E0/0/2F5500FD29A3D91185257514006BB837 The links are send via email to notify user of the documents they need to see. When the users opens the email with outlook the link active (a hyperlink) but if we open the same message with outlook web access or any other mail client on the web, the link become text (it cannot be clicked). How do I make the link to show as a hyperlink when viwed with the browser?

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The below information is correct if you want the user to access the document through a browser and is the only option. If, however, you want the user’s Notes client to launch, then you will need to format the link as a hyperlink that uses the notes protocol instead of the http protocol. The user must have Notes installed for the link to work.

This is an example:
<A HREF=”Notes://YourDomain/YourDatabase.nsf” TITLE=”Lotus Notes link to Your Database. “><FONT SIZE=2 COLOR=”0000ff” FACE=”Arial”><img border=”0″ src=”/icons/actn024.gif” Title = “Database Icon”> Your Database</FONT></A>

As you’ve shown in your example, you can also use the uniqueID of the database, 0 for the view, and uniqueID of the notes record as the HREF= value.

If you use the option below for non-Notes users, you may have additional changes to make to the Notes system to make the document look good or even launch on the web. It all depends on the design of the database and the access control list, associated access control settings, etc.

I believe that this kind of link (NOTES://……) works only if you have a Notes client installed.
Otherwise the protocol is unknown from the system.

When you are in a Web environnment, you should use this syntax instead :

Exemple to open a Notes database :

Others actions could be
?OpenDatabase, ?OpenView, ?OpenDocument, ?EditDocument, ?OpenForm,

See Domino URL in the designer help file….

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