How do i find the IP address of a BOS e-TwinPrint Twinax to IP converter?

We have a Twinax to IP converter in a remote site that has stopped responding. I need to remotely determine the IP address of this unit so i can manage it. It's a single unit that allows a single twinax printer (IBM 6400) to talk over TCP/IP Ethernet. I know the address of the printer, but not the converter which i could manage via a web browser if i knew the address. Is there a way to find the IP address of all devices on a network without having to know the name or address? The unit is by Better Online Solutions and is an e-TwinPrint. I've tried their discovery tool that came with the unit but it doesn't find anything. I can ping the printer address, but when i issue a STRPRTWTR command, the system times out before it can connect to it. It used to work when we were on OS/400 V5R2 and stopped working after we upgraded to i5/OS V5R4 (or somewhere in between).

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try WRKCFGSTS CFGTYPE(*DEV) CFGD(*LANPRT) and you should see all device descriptions of printers using IP. Look at the device description in question to get the IP address entered.
Nor sure if this will do it but it’s worth a try.

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  • Qdigger
    If you do a TRACEROUTE 'printerIPaddress' from your iSeries or tracert printerIPaddress from a PC, does your converter show up as the last hop before the printer? Or, if the printer is connected to the converter by twin-ax, isn't the IP address you already know and are saying belongs to the printer really the IP address of the converter? Use that address in a browser and see if you can't bring up the converter's management pages.
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  • Bigmac46
    WRKTCPSTS *CNN It might take a while; but 8 = display jobs; on each connection will give the name of the device attached to the IP address. This I have used to look at devices on the BOSANOVA twinax controllers. My guess is it will also show what yours is.
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  • Jaicee
    Thank you all for your suggestions. They were all good and will probably be handy in the future. But in this instance the problem was due to what i can only call "user interference". Someone decided that the cabling wasn't to their liking and used a few adapters and some wiring techniques i don't think i've ever seen before (and hope i never see it again). Remote configuration only works to a point and it's not always the next best thing to being there! Thanks again!!
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