How do I create a web based application in SQL Server?

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SQL Server 2005
Is it necessary to know C#, .NET or VB.NET to create a web-based application in Microsoft SQL Server 2005?

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SQL Server 2005 is a database product, it uses tools that are web-based, such as ‘Reporting Services’ which are really programs running on IIS which is a web-server.

The .Net languages you can write in SQL Server 2005 is an alternative to SQL you can’t use it to do anything other than data manipulation or variations on.

You can however get automatic third party tools that automatically generate the code to make websites with database back-ends however I’m not sure if you would ever want them to be internet facing I would worry about the security.

However if you want to build websites you are going to need to bite the bullet at sometime and learn a langauge.

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  • Ysrd
    Um, the answerer seems to be confused b etween using .net as macroes and writing .net code that runs on IIS and accesses the database to creeate web pages from the data in the database. You can use any web language to access MS SQL and present the data and all the good stuff that we do with data now on the web. You can also autogenerate pages for this from within MS SQL's Reporting Services. These can then be updated from within MS SQL or with a good text editor or from within Visual Studio. If you have a largerish company I suggest you switch to Visual Studeo Team Addition because it allows greater integration with not only MS SQL but also everything else Microsoft from Access to Word and project bot for allowing access to data and project p[lanning but also in your development work it integrates everything from Requirements generation and then change requests and bugs and source tracking (The version of SoucrceSafe in the team addition is more robust then the standard one) to deployment and release management. If you are not so largish and want the same thing but on a budget, all of the labguages out there from java to php are able to access MS SQL (and everyother database known to man) and able to access them and display data on the web (As well as handle database entry and entry checking and ...) and for a development environment in this case I suggest Eclipse with PHP-Eclipse installed and use cvs for the scm tool and add a wiki for bug tracking and requirements management. Your possibilituies are endless depending on what you require for quality control, ease of use and the like. If you are going to be facing this onto the internet my suggestion is to not use IIS since there are a largish number of outstanding security issues and would steer you toward the LAMP standard. Hope this helps
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  • Dave Oliver
    LAMP is as secure as IIS if you don't know how to harden them. One product *is not more* server than another, thats bad old-days thinking. Just using one product over another doesn't make you better off. Keep yourself uptodate with the security issues and how to meet them by regularly visiting OWASP ( and performing STRIDE and DREAD assesments ( on all your work. Visual Studio and .Net work very well with SQL Server as you would expect, Eclipse is good if you want to write Java. However Visual Studio 2008 has the new database language called LINQ which is well worth ago if learning lots of Java or C#/VB.Net isn't your skill-set.
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