How did I get a virus on my computer?

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Do you hear that question or something similar too often? We're taking an informal survery on to find out what the most common security-related user questions are. Results will be compiled into a question and answer tip that you will be able to post or handout to your users. What are the top 5 most common questions asked by your users? Jenny Wiseman Associate Editor,

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Why do I have to have more than one password, complex passwords, change passwords? (And NO I won’t give you a drop of blood every morning.)

Why can’t I connect from home?

Why can’t I install this ‘latest/greatest’ web thingy?

Why can’t my child use somebody’s computer when visiting?

It said I won, what do you mean it was a trick?

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  • Kbinger
    This is common question I get: "Why doesn't my Anti Virus catch it before it infects my computer, that's what it's suppose to do isn't it?"
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  • Glennp7777
    This is such a clueless question.. Internet users should be licensed like drivers on the freeway. Until they have a *BASIC* understanding of what they are getting themselves into, they are a public hazard to the infrastructure!
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  • Mrbill357
    Or better yet, I don't surf the internet that much, what do I need virus protection for? I got virus protection with my computer when I bought it 2 years ago. What do you mean I have to update it? Updating it takes to long, I only have a dialup account. Or the best one yet. From my nephew who also has an e-mail account. I don't use virus protection because if I get one bad enough, I will just reinstall the software. Besides everyone else has protection so theirs will catch it before it gets to their machine.
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  • Aclark95
    5) My system runs slow during the virus scan, so I just rebooted. 4) I opened this I have no idea who ihyed@3$ is. 3) I was at home on Kazza the other night and now my computer acts funny. 2) My tool bar is on the side on my screen, how did it get there. And the number 1 thing asked... 1) why do I get so much SPAM mail, I have never given out my email address.
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  • Itspec
    How about... "Is the Internet down??" "Why can't I browse to this page -->"???
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  • Stevesz
    I don't deal with users much in my day job, but I do get calls from some. My favorite one is, "Is the e-mail server down? I haven't gotten an e-mail in (insert number of minutes here) and I am expecting an important e-mail." I gotta tell 'em, every time, that no, the e-mail is not down, it's just that no one loves you right now . We laugh, and life goes on. My other job is working phone support onthe off hours for a company that wires apartment and condominium building for high speed Internet access. By the time they get to me, they are telling me waht is wrong, and, usually, the diagnosis they have is way off base. One of their common tricks is to tell me that the guy they talked to the other night (me) told them something completely different, and it did not fix th eproblem--even though when I got off the phone with them, they wer off surfing and/or e-mailing their little hearts out. Another user trick it they et a router so they can share the connection with other computers and hook it up to the network backwards. Since we are not responsible for this, I have them connect back directly to the network and everything works fine, then I tell them to follow the directions that came with the router explicitly and make sure everything it attached correctly before they turn on the router and configure it. "The router did not come with anuy directions," they say. I say take it back and get one with the instruction sheet. And, there is more. however, I'll not go into it right now, as I have a call coming in . More fun . Steve//
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  • Bobkberg
    I do a lot of end-user home support, and given certain patterns of spyware and such, I usually ask THEM "Do you have a teenager in the house?" Bob
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