How do I use a lm048 bluetooth serial adapter?

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I would like to connection my serial adapter to my pc, but they are not pairing with eachother. What should i do?

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First check what it is question for can’t connect?
Do you setting the baud rate same?

You need to check the following:
1. Both the adapter should be able to communicate to serial port i.e. serial settings should be same and slide switch position should be same. If unsure reset the adapter by pressing the reset button for 3 seconds. For most of the cases the slide switch will be towards the RS232 connection but it depends on the cable type used – Straight or crossed (NULL modem). The diagnostic command is AT\r which should respond with \r\nOK\r\n on hyperterminal. Default settings are 19200 8 N 1

2. Check firmware version by sending “AT+VER\r” command or “ATI0\r” command. If adapter responds to AT+VERcommand, then use lM149 software to pair them otherwise use LM049 software

3. After you have made sure the adapters are communicating to serial port, use LM149 or LM049 software downloadable from to pair them

4. If you want to use hyperterminal, then follow the below sequence. This sequence is valid if your adapter responded to AT+VER\r cmmand in step 2
4.1 Connect adapter 1 to hyperterminal and check its address by sending at+addr?\r command
4.2 Connect adapter 2 to hyperterminal and send AT+BOND=<addr>\r where addr is a hexadecimal address of format 00126FXXXXXX which you got in step 4.1
4.3 Send at+rolem\r command to make this adapter master
4.4 Check auto-connect is enabled by sending AT+ACON?\r command. The response should be ACON+
4.5 Send AT+ADDR? command and note down master’s adapter address
4.6 Unplug this adapter from serial port and power it off
4.7 Plug the adapter 1 back to serial port and send AT+BOND=<addr>\r command where addr is the address in format 00126FYYYYYY which you read in step 4.6
4.8 Check the role should be slave by send AT+ROLE? command. For slave it should response with ROLES and for master response is AT+ROLEM
4.9 Check auto-connect is enabled by sending AT+ACON? command. Response should be ACON+
4.10 Voila…pairing is finished. Power the 2 adapters at the same time to see if they automatically connect to each other. If yes then these adapters can be now used as a serial cable replacement solution

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