How can we allow browsing in my network places without wins?

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We are finally getting rid of the last of the NT4.0 systems in our net and have a tree with two subdomains. We would like to get rid of wins as well. We discovered that if we don't use wins then client systems can't browse the subdomains unless they are in the same subnet. My interpretion is: (browsing is using broadcasts in the absence of wins). All of the servers have entries in active directory DNS. Nslookup has no problem reaching all of the servers in the subdomains. How can we configure the clients to use DNS to browse the subdomains? Thanks. rt

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No doubt you are using DHCP IP Addressing for each of your client. They get their DNS settings automatically from the DHCP server. You’ll need to set that at the DHCP server. This article should help you out:


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  • Platypus
    While you can probably get this accomplished per the previous answer, I'm wondering why it's necessary that you get rid of WINS -- it typically requires little or no maintenance, and creates little additional overhead or security risks. Just a thought.
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  • Astronomer
    We aren't using DHCP yet. It's a long story but it boils down to my predecessor didn't think it would work in our environment. I am planning to implement DHCP when I restructure the internal network. We have DNS servers configured on all clients. Most of them, (more each day), are pointed to the active directory integrated DNS servers. The subdomains are in the active directory DNS servers. From any of these systems, we can use nslookup to resolve the IPs of the subdomain servers. The issue is that when you go to my network places, you can't see the systems in the subdomains. I have had problems with wins from the day we deployed it at Intel many years ago. The flat name space is an issue. When it was announced, I asked our microsoft rep when they were giong to fix wins. He told me it would be fixed in NT5.0. It turned out the fix was DNS. If we could do everything with DNS we would prefer it. Thanks. rt
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