How can one get a 32 bit program to run on a 64 bit OS and not be oversized?

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Windows 7 64-bit
Hi to all, program, it works fine with XP, Vista etc... but not the newer Windows7 64 bit operating systems, is there a fix of any kind short of rewriting the whole program using a 64 bit program?

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VB4, Windows

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you can try right clock properties on the app run in 32 bit mode. most propably it wont work god knows why they have this option. your best fit is to download XP for windows 7 it will act like a VM on your windows 7 and you can install all your 32 bit apps and stuff.
you can download XP mode for windows 7 in microsoft website.
if you find that all too complicated you can try installing vmware and have a virtual session to run those apps.
if also its too heavy on your system or too complicated you can download oracle OVM to create that virtual session.
hope that helped.

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  • carlosdl
    TheFinder, I think you should clarify what you mean by "and not be oversized". Also, you might want to clarify whether the program runs well on Win 7 32 bits, and also post the exact error you get when trying to run it on a 64 bits OS. If this is a program you developed, maybe debugging the application and paying attention to the error messages could help you identify what parts need to be changed to be able to run on 64 bits. I'm probably not going to be able to help, but I think adding more details could help others help you.
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  • TheFinder
    Hi to all and also a very big thank you all for replying to my quest. Just to fill you in on what the problems were it was that I just bought me a new laptop xps 15z and some of my coding programs don’t like it, it says I need to get with the venders of the software and get a 64 bit version, it’s running Windows7 64bit, my desktop runs XP 32 bit and some of the programs I did my self came out initially not showing up on the 64bit OS, but after some hours of manipulations within my coding I was able to get those so far working and looking better then they do on the 32 bit, duuuuu. But I’m not done yet with the 64bit fixes but I do see light at the end of the tunnel; I had to break an appointment with Wal-Mart Corporation because we were in talks of my software’s going into their stores, and I did not want them to see this error until it was resolved. And that should now happen soon, as I’ve mentioned I see light at the end of the tunnel, I have one more large program to now tweak to work on a 64bit OS and look nice and then it off to Wall-Mart. Thanks again folks for your passionate and quick responses and hope all of you will have a very nice, safe, Happy New Year coming.
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