How can I tell if other user had read the email?

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I have 2 users accessing the same mail box. Second user (whos has manager access on 1st user mail) cannot see whch emails are alreay been read. She gets all the messages as been unread.

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The unread marks are maintained on a per-user basis. I can think of two solutions.
1) Each user can drag a message to a folder after it has been read.
2) You can register a new username, and give it exclusive access to the mail file. Of course, the two users would have to log in as the special user to read the mail.

– We worked around this by disabling unread count on the mail file.
– We then added a new column called “reviewed by”.
– We then added custom code to the mail file to populate the column with: “Username / Datetime” if the field was blank. +
– The custom code triggers when the mail file is opened. It does not work with the preview pane. We had to teach them to keep it closed.

You could also use the single account ID and have them access it via webmail, that way they can stay logged into the client, but I don’t know if the web will allow 2 different IPs to access the mailbox at the same time with the same account information. Knock agaist this is that it takes a license since this is now a user and not a mail-in database

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  • Stiletto
    Other alternatives: - have the users switch to a common id when looking at the file - create a folder (called something like "Looked at") and have the users drag the mail to that folder when they've reviewed it
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  • Sergiofilli
    Hi Ledlincoln, your "reviewed by" - solution is exactly what I would like to have on my shared mailbox. Would you share this code with the community? I am not a developer...
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  • Ledlincoln
    The "reviewed by" idea actually is not my contribution - someone else clicked "Improve This Answer" and added it. I don't understand what he/she means by "if the field was blank," so I hope whoever it was comes back and elaborates. Whoever, are you out there?
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  • shivasanjay
    You can make a flag set once mail is opened using post open event of the mail form. thus whoever opens a mail a flag is set.
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