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Hi, I'm trying to figure out a way to share a folder on a home network without sharing it with the whole world. Basically, I have a wireless router which has a broadband connection. Connected wirelessly to the router is a Windows XP Home edition desktop and a VIsta Home Basic edition laptop. I want to share a folder on the desktop so as to allow access from the laptop. I am presuming that I need to take precautions here with the shared folder on the basis that it could be accessable via the internet by persons unknown. The solution therefore most likely would involve password protecting access to the share somehow. I've figured out that I can set permissions on a share (in XP home edition) by going into safe mode. At present though I seem to be able to access the share regardless. Another thing I don't understand here either is that I can only set permissions for users of the desktop - the locations list shows only the desktop computer name. If anyone knows how to achieve this I would be very grateful to learn how.

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First, if your already hooked a wireless ROUTER than you should be safe from Internet snooping. It is possible still, but not likely. If they come in via the internet, you’ve got bigger problems to fix. The real problem is if your wireless network is unsecured, than anyone driving down your street could hook to your network and see your shares.

Second, the sharing passwords are fairly easy to setup. Basically, the reason you only have the desktop user names available is because your desktop only knows about itself. If you use the same user name and password on your desktop and laptop then you will be all set, just set the share up to use that login name/password combination and it will authenticate whether you are using the laptop or desktop. If, the user name and password are different then the only way that I know to do it is to setup a new user, on your desktop, with the same user name and password as the laptop. Then add that user to the share.

Good luck, let us know if this helped.

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