How can I retrieve an Excel file saved in Hotmail?

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I opened an Excel attachment in Hotmail and started editing. I saved it continuously but when I closed Excel and reopened, the file was gone. I'm running Office 2007 and Windows 7 64-bit.

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windows 7 64bit, office 2007

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The opened hotmail files are stored in your browser’s Temporary file folder. The whole problem is that the opened file is not saved as the actual document name.

In IE7:
For example if the attached file is named test.xlsx the file in the temporary Internet folder will be called something like – GetAttachment.aspx?file=ecf277… It will be a very long string of characters without the obvious excel extension.

So if it is Internet Explorer that you are using, then the temp files are located in C:\Documents and Settings\YOUR PROFILE FOLDER\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files. When you have located this folder look for excel icon files that have been modified at the time when you were editing your file and then double click on that file, which will open a internet browser and will fetch your file. Although I must say when I have tried to recreate your situation the changes that I have made in the excel file have not been saved.

Also I would suggest not editing and saving repeatedly from within your email. Copy to documents and edit and save there and then attach the finished file to an email addressed to yourself. Then move the file with attachment to a folder.

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  • jkeri
    I woudl open your email and save the attached file somewhere first. After saving it, open up Excel. The file is in a temp folder until you save it.
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  • Subhendu Sen
    Discussion area is just below the Answer Wiki....
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  • Ellgee
    It can be done - ignore all the techies that say it can't! It happened to me after 2 hours working on a document. Go into internet options, browsing history, view files. You should find a/ some files called 'GetAttachment.aspx.....' You can't open these files, but copy it, paste it to desktop and it will magically transform to your lost document. Good luck!
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