How can I replace the function of a defective key on laptop keyboard?

The "U" key on my laptop is broken and no longer registers any letter. The rest of the laptop works well so I would rather not have to replace it. How can I substitute another key (or a function-key) to replace the broken one? DARY

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Not quite the answer you’re looking for, but ALT-85 (typed on the numeric keypad) will provide a “U”. Similarly, ALT-117 will provide the “u”.

There are alternate keyboard drivers and keyboard macro systems that will let you map another key (F6 for example) into the place of the missing one.


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  • Sanandkumar
    Holding alt key type 117 you will get the u character, I am not sure about the feasibility of the combination in other application. S Anand Kumar
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  • 3ABNTech
    You also have to keep in mind, the numeric pad is usually the only way to enter an alt-based character, so on a laptop, if you do not have a separate number pad, you have to activate the keyboard number section to enter the number. During that time, all the keys doing double duty become numbers instead of letters, so you'd have to switch it on to make a "U", then switch it off again. Seems to me to be quite a process. It might just be easier to get a separate keyboard to use and one of those Belken USB to keyboard/mouse adapters. (That is of course, if your laptop doesn't already have a PS/2 jack.) Hope that helps some... -Jon
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  • Bobkberg
    Another thought on the subject, since we're talking about the U key. On my laptop it is also the number 4 when NumLock is turned on. Is the number 4 then also non-functional? Have you tried just replacing the keyboard? Most laptops are highly modular. A quick check on Ebay shows most under $20 (plus shipping) Have you tried cleaning out the keyboard with compressed air?
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  • Wrobinson
    Make sure that there is no obstruction preventing the U key from being fully depressed. You can also try disconnecting and reconnecting the keyboard and ensuring that the connection is made firmly. Chances are, however, that you simply need a new keyboard. No-frills models are relatively cheap and can usually be obtained for about $10 at the local elecronics store such as Best Buy, Circuit City and so on.
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  • Saharah
    I'm not sure about substituting will work or not. i had a similar problem a couple of months back and i simply replaced my laptop key with a new one. I suggest you order your required key from a reliable company. I have ordered my key and have referred this company to many people now, and they all are satisfied with the product and service. Check out the website: Browse through your brand name and model number, order your required key and just wait for it to get delivered to you. You can also repair your keys by watching the video tutorials on the website. I hope it works out for you.
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  • Kyle98
    Hello,. You don't need to get a new keyboard just for a key, if you think you need to change just 1 or two, you can order a individual keys from this company who sell laptopkeys its reasonable and with the Installation Guides, very easy to fix too. Im a very Customer:)
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  • Jasonparks
    The Key most likely have a bad hinge or the rubber plunger in the middle of the key is broken and not making contact to the base of the keyboard, buy a new laptop keys replacement, and your u key will be working again. Good luck.
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