How can I publish my sharepoint site to be able to access it from the internet

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I'm having trouble finding a solution to my problem. I can access our sharepoint site while I'm inside of our network, but can't from the internet. Here's our setup and what I've tried: Public IP address is hosted offsite. I created a DNS entry for to the WAN IP address of our local router. This is how our email is setup, so I copied it. Anyways our router routes all http traffic to our DNS server. The sharepoint site is stored on a different server than the DNS is. So I created a host entry inside the DNS settings of the DNS server for to point to the IP address of the server that the sharepoint site resides. I have extended the web application within sharepoint and combined it with the default website in the local IIS settings of the server that sharepoint resides on. I'm not an expert on routing, IIS, or DNS. The way we access our mail sever over the internet is set up the same way with one exception. The mail server is on the same server as the DNS. Any suggestions?

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Firstly, I am not sure it is wise to put sharepoint available for anyone (and it will be) on the Internet.

However, to make any service available on the Internet, you will need to map the Internet side (public) IP address and TCP port to the inside (private) IP address and port. This is because your internal network will use private IP addresses that are not directly acessible on the Internet (10.x.x.x or 172.16.x.x or 192.168.x.x addresses). This process is known as network address translation (NAT).

If you already have services hosted, that can be accessed from the Internet, have a look at the router or firewall configuration, and you can probably just map a different TCP port, to the sharepoint server, and access it using the Internet IP address and this port. Without knowing the make of the router, or more details, it is a bit difficult to advise further.

Please note my first comment, I am sure that someone else on here can advise about the safety of making sharepoint accessible on the Internet, but if it is OK, then doing it is not too difficult.

A much safer method will be to configure a VPN access to the network, then only you (or selected colleagues) can access any of the inside network resources, in a very secure manner. Dependant on the firewall, or router, this is also usually fairly easy to configure.

Post the details of the router, and the config, but do remove any passwords, and change the IP addresses first. Then we can help you further.

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    You did bring up a good point. I think I'll have two different sharepoint sites. One for use by company employees that can access via VPN outside of the network, and the other site for customers and vendors to have access. Believe me, security is the main priority when setting this up. I'm in test mode right now. Our router is a Linksys RV042. Here are a few more details: - Web Hosting - Wan IP for our Router - Internal Private Network Scheme Inside our web hosting configuration we have setup to be forwarded to the WAN IP of our router. Inside the router settings we have port forwarding setup for email ports 110,25, & 143 to point to our email server (which is also our DNS server for our private network). This allows access to email over the internet. My idea was to create an entry on our hosting configuration for to be forwarded to the WAN IP address of our router. The router already forwards all TCP traffic for port 80 to our DNS server Inside the DNS settings of our DNS server on our private network I created a host entry for to point to the server that has our sharepoint site When I try accessing from outside the network, I get an "under construction" default page. I have tried extended the web application within sharepoint and using a different port number. Inside our router I set up port forwarding for the new port number to point directly to the sharepoint server That hasn't worked either. I hope I have provided enough detail. It seems like it has to be something simple that I'm leaving out.
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