How can I keep an old email name and add a new one in Active Directory so they receive email in both?

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We have a MS Server & Exchange 2003 network with a user that just got married. I want to change her AD account and email names, etc. However, I also want her to receive emails from her pre-marriage email address for at least 6 months. Do I have to setup a copy of the account, rename the old account, name the copy to the old name, and forward the old name's email?

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Change the primary Email address and name to her new name. Then on the Email Addresses tab add the new email address and make it the primary SMTP address, and simply do not remove the old address.

Note, that you will likely want to make the new email address teh primary e-mail so it is sent out in the mail headers in the reply to field so that people will get her new address when they add her to their contacts in the future.

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  • ITsHere
    I have done this before and have had no problems. Another cool trick is if you are trying to block anyone on your network from sending mail to a specific address, you can create an account and put that address in (no matter what domain it is on, e.g. yahoo, gmail, hotmail) as the primary. This will keep anyone from within your domain from reaching that outside email address as it will always send it to the mailbox that you set up.
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  • Wrobinson
    This is correct, simply change the user's name in Active Directory, add a new SMTP address for them and set it as the default (reply-to) address. The existing SMTP address will not be deleted.
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  • JimmyIT
    Thanks for the help!
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  • Denny Cherry
    No problem.
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  • Buddyfarr
    My company owns several domain names in the .org relm, (because of affilliates that we own with different names), and we have had issues with persons sending emails to the .com name instead. So they purchased the .com names too. Then we added the .com names to their email accounts so that no matter what name they sent it to, or, the user would recieve it. With the .org name as their primary when the user replied it would show their correct return address as the .org name.
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