How can I keep a Windows folder from being moved accidentally

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Is it possible to lock down the folders (or directories) within Windows, so they can't be accidentally dragged and dropped into some unknown location? With multiple users using the same files, we are finding that the Windows folders are disappearing. I was wondering if there is a way of locking the location but still have read/write access to files within the folders. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Yes. Use the NTFS permissions to remove peoples ability to delete the folders. This will prevent them from moving them to another location.

To remove delete permissions you have to edit the rights in the advanced editor then remove the delete right from the folder. You should also remove the Take owership and change permissions rights as having these rights will allow people to reset the security back and move the folder.

Also make sure that someone continues to have these rights or getting the rights back is a real pain.

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  • Kb3cgj
    Make sure the "Propogate These Settings" or whatever option is disabled as well. Or it will trickle down to the folders below and the users won't be able to delete the files inside.
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  • Wrobinson
    You can also prevent them from renaming the folder accidentally by removing the modify permission.
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  • cshuey
    This is a totally impractical solution.  It works on a single folder, but is not scalable to a normal working environment where you have over 500,000 folders and millions of files.
    It also disregards the fact that this solution doesn't prevent COPIES being made of directories and dropped all over your network.  Because the READ permission inherently includes COPY.  So the most this solution will do is prevent the deletion of the folders you make this change to.
    If you were to actually take the years it would take to make this change to every directory folder in your production environment, breaking inheritance of the NTFS permissions at every level would make permissions management impossible.  A small office would need at least 20 IT professionals working every day just to manage folder permissions.  This is a great example of an answer that is technically correct, but absolutely useless in a real environment.
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  • jcoctostan
    CSHuey is right - the only real solution is one I found called Directory Defender - I've been using it for a while now and it blocks regular users from moving files and allows admins to move them - you can do a whole file server or just specific folders - don't know how it works, but it works :) Google it
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  • Subhendu Sen
    You can try folder lock a 3rd party tool helps to overcome this issue. Even you can lock any drive by this tool.
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  • SimonEdwards2017
    CSHuey is totally wrong. Why employ a team of 20 IT professionals working every day just to manage folder permissions when a small VBA script could do the whole job in a matter of minutes. It really is not rocket science to create a VBA script or even some real code to loop the contents of a drive and assign attributes to folders.
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